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PhoneGap Build

Create Your First Mobile App with PhoneGap Build – Setup

by Brian Rinaldi PhoneGap makes it easy to take your front-end development skills in HTML, CSS and JavaScript and translate that into developing cross-platform mobile applications. However, PhoneGap Build makes this even more accessible by simplifying the process creating builds for multiple platforms and installing those builds on your test devices. PhoneGap Build is a [...]


4 reasons you should create a WordPress theme

by Aurelio De Rosa WordPress is one of the most talked publishing platforms on the internet. It has caught the interest of a lot of users and developers, and not just because it has been around for a long time (it was first released in 2003). One of the reasons WordPress has become so popular [...]


Teaching Programming – A Call to Action

by Jen Looper Recently, a video featuring Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and other tech luminaries circulated in social media.  Its message was simple: schools aren’t teaching programming and something needs to be done about it. According to, the site that sponsored the video, while there is a shortage of computer programmers to fill open [...]

Brackets Sprint 22 Build

Source: Brackets Blog The Brackets Sprint 22 Build includes many of the most requested code editing features and extension installation. Go to the full article.

Enyo 2.2 released

Source: Enyo Blog Enyo 2.2 was released including Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry 10 support. Go to the full article.