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Task Automation with Automaton and Node

Task Automation with Automaton and Node

Arguably few jobs require more repetitive tasks than programming. Undoubtedly, few people hate redundant tasks more than programmers. A programmer typically would be willing to spend as much or even potentially more time automating a redundant task than actually doing it. Thankfully, this can lead to a number of useful tools for automation. Popular ones [...]


Zelda: A Link to the CSS

By Donovan Hutchinson This week, Nintendo announced a new release of the popular Zelda franchise coming soon for the Nintendo 3DS that will be set in the world of A Link to the Past. As many of you may recall, the original Zelda: A Link to the Past game that was released in the early [...]

jQuery 2.0 Released

The updated jQuery is smaller and faster but in exchange it leaves behind support for Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8. For full details, check the announcement.


Automating CSSCSS using Grunt

By Peter Keating Recently a really useful tool Zach Moazeni named CSSCSS received a great deal of attention. CSSCSS is a Ruby gem that parse CSS files and will detect selectors with duplicated rules. This tool is great for helping you reduce the size and complexity of stylesheets by removing duplication. This can help in [...]


How to create an advanced HTML5 placeholder polyfill

By Aurelio De Rosa Some new HTML5 features are bigger than others but even some of the small one can be incredibly important and useful. One of these shiny features is an attributes called placeholder which allows you to specify placeholder text inside form’s elements like <input> and <textarea>. Unfortunately, older browsers don’t support the [...]