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Building a Game with In-App Payments for Firefox OS

Building a Game with In-App Payments for Firefox OS

By Rob Lauer The dawn of the HTML OS has seen the rise of numerous players backed by some industry heavyweights. Tizen (Samsung and Intel), Chrome OS (Google), and Firefox OS (Mozilla) are arguably the three biggest operating systems in this realm today. They are all unique in their implementations, but the tie that binds [...]


Create a 3D CSS Animated Box with Sass

By Jaime Quiroz Working with 3D in CSS can be crazy fun to mess around with. Recently, I posted a simple animated 3D box on CodePen. As you can see below, the animation appears to split the 3D box n six direction. In this article I’ll show how I built the animation using Sass and [...]


LESS Tips and Tricks

By Mária Jurčovičová LESS is declarative language designed to behave and look as closely to css as possible. It started as an attempt to make CSS style sheets easier to read and maintain and then added more features and abilities. It evolved so much that it became theoretically possible to do anything with it. This [...]


Fluent APIs and Method Chaining

By Eric Feminella Of the vast catalog of design patterns available at our disposal, often times I find it is the simpler, less prominent patterns which people use quite frequently, yet receive much less recognition. A good example of this is the Method Chaining Pattern. The Method Chaining Pattern, as I have come to appreciate [...]


Web Design Tips for Developers

By Alex Grande Think of this article as a general guideline for designing any website. I’ve learned these lessons through photography, working in the Enlightenment Linux window manager many years ago, and developing for a design agency. I apply these rules while designing and building Recognize, a social employee appreciation platform. Being able to do [...]

Introducing Starling.js

Starling.js is a JavaScript and HTML5 canvas port of the popular Flash game framework. Thibault Imbert shows how is will work when it is released soon. Read the article


5 Things You Should Stop Doing With jQuery

By Burke Holland When I first started using jQuery, I was so excited. I was using vanilla JS and really struggling with understanding when elements on a page were ready and how I could access them. When I learned about jQuery, I think I did what many people do. With tears of joy running down [...]


Quick and Easy Local and Device Web App Testing

By Brian Rinaldi Years ago when I started in web development and for many years thereafter, local testing was a pain. Early on, working in Windows, I would use the local IIS server. This was easy to set up but you could only ever have one site (unless you were running a Windows server edition [...]