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Building Cordova Apps with the Verified Plugins Marketplace

Building Cordova Apps with the Verified Plugins Marketplace

By Sebastian Witalec One of most powerful aspects of Cordova (aka PhoneGap) is its extensibility. However, as some have argued, the Cordova plugin ecosystem can be messy. Recently Telerik published a plugin marketplace portal with the goal of improving the current state of the plugin ecosystem. To show how this can improve the experience of [...]


Is jQuery Too Big For Mobile?

By TJ Van Toll This question gets asked a lot, and I’ve yet to see a data-based exploration of this topic. Terms like “big” and “bloated” are relative terms; they don’t mean anything without numbers to back them up. The real question should be – “Does the size of jQuery adversely affect the users of [...]


Mobile App Development – Tips for Getting Noticed

By Jen Looper It’s no secret that the apps market in 2013-14 is rapidly maturing. It’s no longer possible to launch an app and watch, carefree, as the downloads and money roll in. Increasingly, the devil is in the details – all the little things you need to watch out for as you prepare your [...]


A Slight Obsession Over Page Speed

By Todd Anderson Lately, several projects (both personal and work-related) have ignited an increasing obsession over page load speed and performance. I wanted to highlight a few tools and resources I find useful in analyzing performance and delivering web pages in production with optimal load time. Where’d this hat come from? Over the past decade [...]


Parallax UI for PhoneGap and Mobile Web Apps

By Andrew Trice Device motion and accelerometer programming interfaces have been around for years now, but up until iOS 7 we saw minimal use of them on most mobile devices. Sure there was a “level” app, or some gimmicky games, but not much to be seen for widespread use. iOS 6 started to introduce user [...]


Mobile-Friendly Mapping for PhoneGap Apps

By Rob Lauer One of the first and most enduring features of mobile devices was, and continues to be, mapping. The ability to locate yourself on a map with the tap of a finger, anywhere in the world, has arguably influenced adoption of smartphones and tablets as much as any other feature. As map consumers, [...]


Building a Game with In-App Payments for Firefox OS

By Rob Lauer The dawn of the HTML OS has seen the rise of numerous players backed by some industry heavyweights. Tizen (Samsung and Intel), Chrome OS (Google), and Firefox OS (Mozilla) are arguably the three biggest operating systems in this realm today. They are all unique in their implementations, but the tie that binds [...]