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Building Cordova Apps with the Verified Plugins Marketplace

Building Cordova Apps with the Verified Plugins Marketplace

By Sebastian Witalec One of most powerful aspects of Cordova (aka PhoneGap) is its extensibility. However, as some have argued, the Cordova plugin ecosystem can be messy. Recently Telerik published a plugin marketplace portal with the goal of improving the current state of the plugin ecosystem. To show how this can improve the experience of [...]


Parallax UI for PhoneGap and Mobile Web Apps

By Andrew Trice Device motion and accelerometer programming interfaces have been around for years now, but up until iOS 7 we saw minimal use of them on most mobile devices. Sure there was a “level” app, or some gimmicky games, but not much to be seen for widespread use. iOS 6 started to introduce user [...]


Mobile-Friendly Mapping for PhoneGap Apps

By Rob Lauer One of the first and most enduring features of mobile devices was, and continues to be, mapping. The ability to locate yourself on a map with the tap of a finger, anywhere in the world, has arguably influenced adoption of smartphones and tablets as much as any other feature. As map consumers, [...]


Developing for Windows Phone 8 in Apache Cordova

by Jesse MacFadyen There’s a new device in town. It is getting some attention as the design maverick, and it’s owners are a passionate bunch. Microsoft has stepped up their commitment to the Windows Phone platform with Windows Phone 8. Having received numerous accolades for defining their own path, instead of following the crowd, Windows [...]