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First Look: Getting Started with Facebook’s ReactJS Library

First Look: Getting Started with Facebook’s ReactJS Library

Kirill Buga shares about his experience getting started with the ReactJS Library from Facebook. By Kirilll Buga Today, as JavaScript becomes more and more popular and the Front-end frameworks quantity grows dramatically. If you take a look at popular JavaScript frameworks such as Backbone.js, Angular.js, or Ember.js, you’ll notice that each one of them provides [...]

Getting Started with Modern Web Development

Henry Thompson shares some beginner resources that had an impact on his journey to learning to become a better Modern Web developer. By Henry Thompson It doesn’t take any special gifts to learn web development, just a desire to learn. There are a ton of resources that aspiring web developers can learn from. In this [...]


Leverage Scope Creep! An in-depth tutorial on Angular.js Scope

Jonathan Creamer walks through a tutorial on mastering “Scope” within Angular.js, from $rootScope down through scope within Controllers and Directives. By Jonathan Creamer Getting used to the concept of scope in Angular is among the more difficult concepts to fully grok when first being introduced to the magical land of Angular. Like anything else though, [...]


Using SVG Stroke Attributes

By Joni Trythall Using SVG inline provides total access to the graphic for complete customization and control over its output. This is especially handy when creating shapes by hand in the browser, or making edits to an existing graphic. There are a number of stroke related attributes within SVG that allow us to control the [...]


Testing Web Apps from the Ground Up

By Mary Rose Cook Tests are pieces of code that check if your main code works. I write tests to catch bugs when I refactor. I write tests to force myself to think through and handle edge cases. I write tests to show the users of my project that my code does what I say [...]


Easy and Shareable Local Web Servers with Fenix

By Raymond Camden As a web developer, I long gave up thinking about my web server. I have been using Apache for over ten years now and frankly – it just works. The only time I really think about it is when I start a new project and go in to modify the configuration. While [...]


Using Node.js in Production

By Jeff Dickey When running a node application in production, you need to keep stability, performance, security, and maintainability in mind. In this article, I’ll outline what I think are the best practices for putting Node.js into production. By the end of this guide, this setup will include 3 servers: a load balancer (lb) and 2 [...]


Understanding the SVG viewBox and viewport

By Joni Trythall In using the <svg> element, we are establishing a fragment consisting of nested details in our document. This fragment has its own viewport and coordinate system which can seem very complex and intimidating when you are first getting started. Understanding the workspace of SVG is helpful in properly rendering your artwork, but [...]