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Animating Inline SVG Icons

By Joni Trythall I recently did some experimenting with animating inline SVG icons. In this article I will quickly review my process and discuss the joys and frustrations I ran into. The demo discussed in the article is below and works on Chrome only for the moment. Scroll down to view all the icons and [...]


Dynamic CSS with DynCSS

By Vittorio Zaccaria DynCSS is a small Javascript add-on for your web pages. It parses your CSS and converts all the rules with prefix -dyn-* into dynamic Javascript that is executed on browser’s events like scroll and resize. For example, the following CSS will center vertically .header, dynamically changing margin-top as the window is resized: [...]


Introduction to the Ambient Light API

By Aurelio De Rosa Until few years ago when developing a website, we had to rely on several third-party plugins to achieve a lot of tasks. To remember those times, we don’t have to look too far back. Just recall what you used to do when you needed to embed a video or audio in [...]


Rethinking DOM Traversal

By Brian Rinaldi In web development, as in life, sometimes we develop patterns in how we think about a topic or achieve a common task. This is necessary, as to do otherwise would waste a lot of mental cycles on trivial problems we’ve already solved. However, these patterns can be hard to break, even when [...]


Replacing jQuery with Vanilla JavaScript

By Zachary Brady It seems as if jQuery has become synonymous with JavaScript. Since its introduction in 2006, jQuery has caused a revolution in front-end scripting. It has made it easier for newcomers to get up and running, decreased prototyping and development time, and has opened the door into an endless supply of new UX [...]


Improving Browser Detection

By Ryan Morr Despite the progress client-side scripting has made over the last decade or so, it seems that some bad practices are poised to never die. With the medium transitioning into a more mobile-centric world in recent years, an influx in bugs has many developers turning back to browser detection for a solution. History [...]


String Templating Considered Harmful

By Rich Harris If you’re been programming for any length of time, you’ve probably read your fair share of ‘Considered Harmful‘ essays, and thus already know that what follows the headline is usually a stream of biased remarks and cherry-picked evidence. I can’t promise this will be any different. But the concepts we’re going to [...]