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First Look: Getting Started with Facebook’s ReactJS Library

First Look: Getting Started with Facebook’s ReactJS Library

Kirill Buga shares about his experience getting started with the ReactJS Library from Facebook. By Kirilll Buga Today, as JavaScript becomes more and more popular and the Front-end frameworks quantity grows dramatically. If you take a look at popular JavaScript frameworks such as Backbone.js, Angular.js, or Ember.js, you’ll notice that each one of them provides [...]


Leverage Scope Creep! An in-depth tutorial on Angular.js Scope

Jonathan Creamer walks through a tutorial on mastering “Scope” within Angular.js, from $rootScope down through scope within Controllers and Directives. By Jonathan Creamer Getting used to the concept of scope in Angular is among the more difficult concepts to fully grok when first being introduced to the magical land of Angular. Like anything else though, [...]


Testing Web Apps from the Ground Up

By Mary Rose Cook Tests are pieces of code that check if your main code works. I write tests to catch bugs when I refactor. I write tests to force myself to think through and handle edge cases. I write tests to show the users of my project that my code does what I say [...]


Creating Custom Widgets with JavaScript in Wakanda

By Saad Mousliki 4D, a company known for launching the first graphical relational database for the Macintosh 30 years ago, unveiled a full-stack JavaScript platform for developing business web applications in 2010 named “Wakanda”. Wakanda is an open-source platform allows you to develop Web and mobile business applications using web standards: HTML, CSS, HTTP/REST, JSON-RPC, [...]


Dynamic CSS with DynCSS

By Vittorio Zaccaria DynCSS is a small Javascript add-on for your web pages. It parses your CSS and converts all the rules with prefix -dyn-* into dynamic Javascript that is executed on browser’s events like scroll and resize. For example, the following CSS will center vertically .header, dynamically changing margin-top as the window is resized: [...]


Introduction to the Ambient Light API

By Aurelio De Rosa Until few years ago when developing a website, we had to rely on several third-party plugins to achieve a lot of tasks. To remember those times, we don’t have to look too far back. Just recall what you used to do when you needed to embed a video or audio in [...]


Convention Based Routing In JavaScript Apps

By Burke Holland Larger apps in the browser are demanding better structure. While there is no shortage of MV* frameworks to choose from when it comes to JavaScript, they all have somewhat vague instructions on how to physically structure your application on disc. We often see examples of smaller applications when learning these new frameworks. [...]