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Using Node.js in Production

Using Node.js in Production

By Jeff Dickey When running a node application in production, you need to keep stability, performance, security, and maintainability in mind. In this article, I’ll outline what I think are the best practices for putting Node.js into production. By the end of this guide, this setup will include 3 servers: a load balancer (lb) and 2 [...]


Chrome Killed the Terminal Star

By Krasimir Tsonev I’m not using the terminal anymore. It used to be open all the time, especially when working with Node.js. Nowadays, instead I’m just using Chrome. Yes, Google’s browser. How? There is an extension called Yez! that connects to a Node.js module via web socket. It executes shell commands and returns the result. [...]


Building Your First Grunt Plugin

By Mykyta Semenistyi Client-side build systems have gained huge popularity due to the growth in complexity of frontend development. This growth in complexity is due to two main reasons: the migration of functional responsibilities to client-side and presentation enhancements. The oldest and probably most well-known of these build systems is Grunt. Its popularity has helped [...]


Roll Your Own Asset Pipeline with Gulp

By Jeff Dickey I’ve found myself using Gulp for just about everything involving HTML/CSS/JS these days. It’s super fast, quick to write scripts for and flexible. I’m at a point now where I have a ton of projects I can just cd into, run gulp and be up and running. It’s the best solution I’ve [...]


MEAN Stack – A Quick Start Guide

By Mathew Carella The MEAN stack has been getting a lot of publicity lately. In case you haven’t heard about it yet, MEAN stands for MongoDB, Express, Node.js and AngularJS. This article is intended to serve as a quick guide to help you get started developing with the MEAN stack. We won’t go into great [...]


The Basics of Express Routes

By Dhananjay Kumar Recently I started learning how to build web applications using Node.js and the popular Express framework. In doing so, I realized that one of the most vital concepts in Express is routes. In this article I will share the basics of understanding routes in Express. If you are just starting with Express [...]