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First Look: Getting Started with Facebook’s ReactJS Library

First Look: Getting Started with Facebook’s ReactJS Library

Kirill Buga shares about his experience getting started with the ReactJS Library from Facebook. By Kirilll Buga Today, as JavaScript becomes more and more popular and the Front-end frameworks quantity grows dramatically. If you take a look at popular JavaScript frameworks such as Backbone.js, Angular.js, or Ember.js, you’ll notice that each one of them provides [...]


Easy and Shareable Local Web Servers with Fenix

By Raymond Camden As a web developer, I long gave up thinking about my web server. I have been using Apache for over ten years now and frankly – it just works. The only time I really think about it is when I start a new project and go in to modify the configuration. While [...]


Chrome Killed the Terminal Star

By Krasimir Tsonev I’m not using the terminal anymore. It used to be open all the time, especially when working with Node.js. Nowadays, instead I’m just using Chrome. Yes, Google’s browser. How? There is an extension called Yez! that connects to a Node.js module via web socket. It executes shell commands and returns the result. [...]


Roll Your Own Asset Pipeline with Gulp

By Jeff Dickey I’ve found myself using Gulp for just about everything involving HTML/CSS/JS these days. It’s super fast, quick to write scripts for and flexible. I’m at a point now where I have a ton of projects I can just cd into, run gulp and be up and running. It’s the best solution I’ve [...]


Simple Content Management with Node.js and Markdown

By Krasimir Tsonev Recently, I released a project named Techy. It’s a flat CMS based on Node.js and Markdown. I made it because I wanted to write my articles in Markdown format and avoid the time-consuming publishing workflow which I’ve been using. This post will cover a little bit about how why I created the [...]


Expose Yourself with ngrok

By Raymond Camden One of the more common tasks we have in web development involves the need to share our web application with other developers and APIs. For a production web site, that’s already taken care of. You’ve got a web server, you deploy your application, and then sit back and wait for your buyout [...]


Using Grunt? Consider Fez

By Isaac Wagner In the world of JavaScript tooling, Grunt is king. Grunt is a task runner, meaning that a build is defined as a series of tasks which run one after another. Tasks may include file concatenation, application deployment, source linting, etc. Grunt isn’t unique as a task runner – you may have heard [...]


CSS for Beginners with Dreamweaver

By Brian Rinaldi Dreamweaver has had a long history. I recall using it heavily back in the UltraDev days, for those of you that remember that. While the tool has evolved quite a lot over the years, it remains a powerful web development IDE. Sure, everyone seems to love a lightweight code editor nowadays for [...]


Managing Bower Components with Grunt

By Simon Smith Iit took me a while to get on board with using Bower as part of my main development workflow. My biggest gripe was the way it handled repositories that were missing a bower.json file to configure ignored files, etc. In that scenario the whole repository is installed into the bower_components folder and [...]