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A JavaScript Build System Shootout: Grunt vs. Gulp vs. NPM

by Nicolas Bevacqua

“scripts”: { “build-js”: “cp -r src/js/vendor bin/js”, “build-css”: “stylus src/css/all.styl -o bin/css”, “build“: “npm run build-js & npm run build-css” }, “devDependencies”: { “stylus”: “^0.45.0” } } To learn more…

Create Your First Mobile App with PhoneGap Build – Connecting to an API

by Brian Rinaldi

…ignore this error for now. The phonegap.js file is automatically injected by PhoneGap Build at build time, so while testing in the browser, we can expect this error. The phonegap.js…

Create Your First Mobile App with PhoneGap Build – Setup

by Brian Rinaldi

this even more accessible by simplifying the process creating builds for multiple platforms and installing those builds on your test devices. PhoneGap Build is a service that will create builds…

Create Your First Mobile App with PhoneGap Build – Using PhoneGap Build

by Brian Rinaldi

check the PhoneGap Build documentation. Next Steps In the next step, we will learn how to connect our PhoneGap application to an API. Click here to continue to Part 3….

BDD in JavaScript with CucumberJS

by Todd Anderson

essentially means that all the steps have not been located or defined: UUUUUU 2 scenarios (2 undefined) 6 steps (6 undefined) You can implement step definitions for undefined steps with…

Introduction to the Component JavaScript Package Manager

by Brian Rinaldi

…<title>Hello Dialog</title> <link href=”build/build.css” rel=”stylesheet”> <script src=”build/build.js”></script> </head> <body> <h1>Hello Dialog</h1> <script> var HelloButton = require(‘hello_button’); var aButton = HelloButton(); aButton.appendTo(document.body); </script> </body> </html> If you rebuild and load the…

Building a Parallax Scrolling Game with Pixi.js – Part 3

by Brian Rinaldi

…borrow and return a step from the object pool. Add the following borrowStep() and returnStep() methods: WallSpritesPool.prototype.returnBackEdge = function(sprite) { this.backEdges.push(sprite); }; WallSpritesPool.prototype.borrowStep = function() { return this.steps.shift(); }; WallSpritesPool.prototype.returnStep

Building a Parallax Scrolling Game with Pixi.js – Part 4

by Brian Rinaldi

MapBuilder.prototype.createMap = function() { }; MapBuilder.prototype.addWallFront = function(heightIndex) { var y = MapBuilder.WALL_HEIGHTS[heightIndex]; this.walls.addSlice(SliceType.FRONT, y); }; MapBuilder.prototype.addWallBack = function(heightIndex) { var y = MapBuilder.WALL_HEIGHTS[heightIndex]; this.walls.addSlice(SliceType.BACK, y); }; Both methods are…

Modern Web Best Practice: Build Tools

by Aaron Bushnell

Aaron delves into build tool functionality and outlines things to consider when selecting a build tool. Introduction In this post I’m going to discuss the importance of build tools and…

2013 – The Year in Web Development

by Brian Rinaldi

pushed so much further in 2013 helped bolster developer’s confidence in creating their own custom elements with a framework like AngularJS. 2013 was also another tumultuous year for mobile, as…