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Quick and Easy Local and Device Web App Testing

by Brian Rinaldi

a local web server up and running to properly test your web applications. Then, using that simple local server, you can test the same page, running locally, across multiple devices…

Building a Game with In-App Payments for Firefox OS

by Rob Lauer

…OS apps: a hosted app and a packaged app. A hosted app is basically a web site that is hosted on any old web server, but the application code is…

Testing Web Apps from the Ground Up

by Brian Rinaldi

…will describe all the code I wrote. The web app. The microscopic testing framework. The tests for the client side code. The mocks that fake layers of the web app

Create Your First Mobile App with PhoneGap Build – Connecting to an API

by Brian Rinaldi

local static web servers on the fly. Building the App We’ll start building our application using straight HTML/JS code without any frameworks. Later on we’ll add jQuery Mobile. Assuming you…

2013 – The Year in Web Development

by Brian Rinaldi

developers grapple with the highly fragmented and interrupted landscape. Responsive, Native, Hybrid and Web – all of these solutions are viable and appropriate. 2013 proved for yet another year that…

Top 15 Inspiration Mobile App UI Designs in 2016

by Lisa Smith

and quick. The app also offers latest updates and news of the music world. 11. Unibox Sorting emails and organizing them is made easy with the Unibox app which has…

Using Node.js in Production

by Brian Rinaldi

the owner to web: # chown web /var/www Set the group to web: # chgrp web /var/www cd into it: # cd /var/www/ As the web user: $ su web

Mobile App Development – Tips for Getting Noticed

by Jen Looper

By Jen Looper It’s no secret that the apps market in 2013-14 is rapidly maturing. It’s no longer possible to launch an app and watch, carefree, as the downloads and…

Building Multiplayer Games with Node.js and Socket.IO

by Eric Terpstra

The following lines of code create click handlers for the CREATE and JOIN buttons that appear on the title screen. App.$doc.on(‘click’, ‘#btnCreateGame’, App.Host.onCreateClick); App.$doc.on(‘click’, ‘#btnJoinGame’, App.Player.onJoinClick); The Create Button is…

Mobile-Friendly Mapping for PhoneGap Apps

by Rob Lauer

hybrid mobile (PhoneGap) apps? What about tapping into native device mapping frameworks? In this post I will summarize some of the more popular options for displaying maps in your PhoneGap…