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Writing a Command Line Utility using Node

by Brian Rinaldi

Node template for Grunt-Init (git clone [email protected]:gruntjs/grunt-init-node.git ~/.grunt-init/node) Getting Going Assuming all the prerequisites installed properly, we can get started writing our command line tool using Node. First, create a…

Build Desktop Apps with JavaScript and Node WebKit

by Ben Farrell

…platform. That compilation is done using something called “node-gyp”. But node-gyp doesn’t work with Node WebKit. Instead, the creators of Node WebKit have given us a tool called “nw-gyp”. It…

Using Node.js in Production

by Brian Rinaldi

to /etc/systemd/system/node-sample.service Enable it: # systemctl enable node-sample Start it: # systemctl start node-sample See status: # systemctl status node-sample See logs: # journalctl -u node-sample You can try killing…

Node.js vs. PHP

by Azat Mardan

JavaScript (which, as we mentioned, is what Node.js is based upon). Both platforms can be accessed to the command line interface via $ php -i and $ node. For example,…

Building a JavaScript Library with Grunt.js

by Brian Rinaldi

…on nodejitsu; official documentation. The Install Command Npm packages are installed using the npm install command. The installation is local by default. A global installation has to be specified using

Building your first Node.js module

by Jonathan Fielding

Node.js Module? Before we get started with building our Node.js module, it is important that we understand what a Node.js module is. In its simplest form, a Node.js module is…

Automating Complex Workflows with Grunt Custom Tasks

by Ben Farrell

…year ago, it was the most straightforward to use for me and functioned most similarly to FFMPEG on the command line using its exec function. The “ffmpeg-node” project has a…

Building a Command-Line Reporting Task with JavaScript and Wakanda

by Saad Mousliki

…i++) { var line = ”; for (var index in array[i]) { line += array[i][index] + ‘,’; } line.slice(0, line.Length – 1); stream.write(line + ‘rn’); } stream.close(); } catch(e){“CSV…

A JavaScript Build System Shootout: Grunt vs. Gulp vs. NPM

by Nicolas Bevacqua

…the value will be the command you want to execute. The example shown below uses the JSHint commandline interface to run a linter through our JavaScript files and check for…

How Developer Mac Heller-Ogden Convinced His Bosses to Adopt Node.js

by Nathan Collier

…and client sides of a website. Importantly, using Node on the server-side means it’s easier for front-end developers to understand and possibly even help with backend code. On the surface,…