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2013 – The Year in Web Development

by Brian Rinaldi

pushed so much further in 2013 helped bolster developer’s confidence in creating their own custom elements with a framework like AngularJS. 2013 was also another tumultuous year for mobile, as…

AngularJS Directives That Override Standard HTML Tags

by Brian Rinaldi

By Joel Hooks Directives are the heart and soul of AngularJS. They are incredibly powerful. AngularJS extends the grammar of the browser, supplying semantics that facilitate the creation of web…

AngularJS: One Step at a Time

by Michael Crump

safety of a framework that won’t disappear overnight. While there have been many frameworks that have come and gone, AngularJS is not one of those. AngularJS is backed by Google…

Animating with AngularJS

by Brian Rinaldi

support in AngularJS AngularJS and Animation Slides with demos by Gias Kay Lee Animate your AngularJS apps with CSS3 and jQuery article Misko Hevery video talking about the new animation…

ECMAScript 6: Jump in, the water is warm!

by Mark Volkmann

…state of the todo item is changed. For more details on AngularJS, see the AngularJS home page. index.html <!DOCTYPE html> <html ng-app=”Todo”> <head> <link rel=”stylesheet” href=”styles/todo.css”> <script src=””> </script> <script…

Best of JavaScript, HTML & CSS – Week of November 4, 2013

by Brian Rinaldi

…CSS Libraries and Frameworks Learn some of the basics of Express.js from Azat Mardanov. Express.js Fundamentals AngularJS 1.2.0 includes remastered animations/transitions, better error reporting, promise A+ compliance and more. AngularJS:…

Best of JavaScript, HTML & CSS – Week of October 28, 2013

by Brian Rinaldi

…things that he thinks aren’t great in AngularJS. Things that suck in AngularJS Gabriel Cirtea shares an introduction to Sails.js, a JavaScript MVC framework resembling Ruby on Rails. Introduction to…

Mocking Server Dependencies in JavaScript and AngularJS

by Brian Rinaldi

…context of an AngularJS application this would be confusing since “service” is used generically to describe virtually any object available for dependency injection in the AngularJS context. Repository: made popular…

Best of JavaScript, HTML & CSS – Week of June 3, 2013

by Brian Rinaldi

Meteor John Munsch shows how you can use AngularJS to modify variable content in an SVG. AngularJS and SVG Alex Young continues his AngularJS tutorial series by looking at handling…

Best of JavaScript, HTML & CSS – Week of June 10, 2013

by Brian Rinaldi

…on my JavaScript Cookbook Node project Alex Young continues his AngularJS tutorial series by discussing iterators and filters. AngularJS: Iterators and Filters Pamela Fox details the Backbone stack at Coursera….