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Easy API Scaffolding with Simple-API and Node.js

by Joseph Wegner

…That’s where we’ll start. First off, you need to install Simple API. This is very easy using NPM. npm install simple-api See, that was simple! Now we need to include…

A Simple Visual Model for Promises

by Brian Rinaldi

nets Petri nets have helped me a lot while creating an easy mental/visual model of promises (and their composition patterns). In this post, I will refer to the “Promises/A+” specification….

Soma.js – Your Way Out of Chaotic JavaScript

by Brian Rinaldi

…{ // register functions }; TimerModel.prototype.remove = function(callback) { // remove registered functions }; clock.TimerModel = TimerModel; })(window.clock = window.clock || {}); The timer model has no dependencies. It doesn’t…

2013 – The Year in Web Development

by Brian Rinaldi

pushed so much further in 2013 helped bolster developer’s confidence in creating their own custom elements with a framework like AngularJS. 2013 was also another tumultuous year for mobile, as…

Backbone Model Unit Testing with Jasmine

by Brian Rinaldi

… Once you pull down the code, you can run the tests by opening the JasmineTestingBackBoneModel/tests/SpecRunner.html file in Chrome. Jasmine’s unit test reporting looks like: When you have a chance…

Leverage Scope Creep! An in-depth tutorial on Angular.js Scope

by Jonathan Creamer

…scope… angular.module(“MyApp”, []) .controller(“MathCtrl”, function($scope) { $scope.add = function(x, y) { return parseInt(x, 10) + parseInt(y, 10); }; }) .directive(“myAddThings”, function() { return { restrict: “E”, template: “<input ng-model=’vals.x’ /><input…

Convention-based, Modular MVC with Shared Rendering in Node.js

by Nicolas Bevacqua

…action, we assign a model to res.viewModel, and call next() Taunus responds with the JSON model as-is The client-side takes over, this time it renders the view, using the model

Flat Design

Flat Design : Everything you Need to Know

by Keval Padia

…and readability. First of all, flat design both look-wise and use-wise offers simple interface allowing greater ease and engagement. Secondly, flat design thanks to its easy and simple layout optimize…

Best of JavaScript, HTML & CSS – Week of October 7, 2013

by Brian Rinaldi

…is designed to help understand promises in JavaScript. A Simple Visual Model for Promises Webkit Nightly and Chrome Canary now supports CSS masks using an image as an alpha mask…

Ember Components – Reusable Building Blocks For Your Application

by Brian Rinaldi

…controllers. Each type of controller is distinguished by the way the underlying models are represented. Array controllers are used when a view’s model data is stored in an array. A…