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Replacing jQuery with Vanilla JavaScript

by Brian Rinaldi

As we’ll see, it can offer some potential performance benefits and, perhaps more importantly, an opportunity to learn. Benefits of Vanilla JavaScript Remaking your jQuery repertoire with pure vanilla JavaScript

Rethinking DOM Traversal

by Brian Rinaldi

…traversal. Wrapping Up Based upon my experiments using jQuery, plain JavaScript and HTML.js, here are my conclusions. jQuery still offers the easiest and cleanest API for DOM traversal…however, jQuery might…

Is jQuery Too Big For Mobile?

by TJ VanToll

…Mbps in Australia (data is from Q1 2014). Since this article is about jQuery, let’s use these numbers to determine how long a download of jQuery takes. We’ll base all…

5 Things You Should Stop Doing With jQuery

by Burke Holland

element is on the page <strong>BEFORE</strong> all the scripts. No document ready needed.</p> <script src=””></script> <script type=”text/javascript” charset=”utf-8″> // if you include your scripts at the very bottom, you don’t…

Why you should limit JavaScript — and how to do it

mm by Table XI

much JavaScript by writing more JavaScript. Yet, we still need JavaScript Even with its costs, there are still good reasons to use Javascript: Traditional web apps limit you to two…

Writing Better jQuery Code

by Matt Carella

for this Combine jQuery with Native JavaScript When Needed As I was saying before, jQuery is JavaScript, and this means that in jQuery we can do the same things…

Towards a More Modular Future for JavaScript Libraries

by Brian Rinaldi

an Exception for jQuery Depending on jQuery though, is OK, because you’re already using jQuery, right? jQuery is rock solid, battled-tested, has a stable API, and it’s only the most…

Best of JavaScript, HTML & CSS – 2013

by Brian Rinaldi

HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Creating Windows-8-like 3D animations with CSS3 and jQuery Remy Sharp discusses the evolution of his use of jQuery and when and where it is most useful…

2014 – What Web Developers Will Need to Know

by Brian Rinaldi

…help shed some light on what web developers might need to know for 2014. Specifically, I asked, “Looking into 2014, what do you think will have the most impact on…

Create Your First Mobile App with PhoneGap Build – Adding jQuery Mobile

by Brian Rinaldi

…directly below our existing stylesheet link within index.html. <link rel=”stylesheet” href=”” /> <script src=””></script> <script src=””></script> While we’re at it, if you haven’t already, we might as well add in…