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Using Node.js in Production

by Brian Rinaldi

owner=web mode=755 state=directory – name: Add systemd conf template: src=systemd.service.j2 dest=/etc/systemd/system/node-sample.service notify: – enable node-sample handlers: – name: enable node-sample shell: systemctl enable node-sample [Service] WorkingDirectory={{project_root}} ExecStart=/usr/bin/node boot.js ExecReload=/bin/kill -HUP…

Node.js vs. PHP

by Azat Mardan

them manually by placing *.php files into sub-folders of their projects. Unfortunately, all this is not very kosher. Node.js Node.js comes with a superior and dependable package management system called…

Simple Content Management with Node.js and Markdown

by Krasimir Tsonev

are serving only static HTML files, which could increase the page load performance significantly. Source code Demo: Source code: Techy: This article was originally published at

Build Desktop Apps with JavaScript and Node WebKit

by Ben Farrell

Node.js. That plugin is relevant to this discussion because not every Node.js plugin works right out of the box in Node WebKit. ADBKit, as you’ve seen, works great because it’s…

Blogging withkeystone

Building a blog with the Keystone CMS and Node.js

by Shazzad Hossen

= “{{}}” > {{else}} <meta name = “description” content = “{{}}” > <meta property = “og:description” content = “{{}}” > <meta name = “twitter:description” content = “{{}}” > {{/if}} <meta…

Building a Successful Content Site

by Brian Rinaldi

building isn’t easy. Even if choosing a platform proves a simple decision, you’ve only gotten past the easiest part. Generating good content on a consistent basis is an extremely difficult…

Picture showing a magazine layout with columns of different heights

CSS Regions Matter

by Brian Rinaldi

…becomes smaller, the region can be “extended” to fit its content without having to overflow that content into another region or element. Extending a region would be as simple as…

How Developer Mac Heller-Ogden Convinced His Bosses to Adopt Node.js

by Nathan Collier

…code were forced to write JSPs (JavaServer Pages) within the CMS. Mac and others wanted to break this link between content management and content rendering. They also wanted to move…

Building your first Node.js module

by Jonathan Fielding

Node.js Module? Before we get started with building our Node.js module, it is important that we understand what a Node.js module is. In its simplest form, a Node.js module is…

Easy API Scaffolding with Simple-API and Node.js

by Joseph Wegner

…API’s in Node.js – there’s just so much complexity required in an API boilerplate. That’s why I wrote Simple API. Simple API is an incredibly easy to use module for…