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Flat Design

Flat Design : Everything you Need to Know

by Keval Padia

the most important design elements of any flat designed website. Flattened design colors The color is more important than ever with flat design. It is actually capable of doing lot…

7 Mistakes That You Should Avoid In Mobile Friendly Web Design

by Keval Padia

The design of the mobile website is very important for the success, but the developers make a lot of common web design mistakes that can be avoided in order to…

Mistakes to Avoid With Responsive Web Design

by Brian Rinaldi

most out of responsive web design, there are some mistakes you need to avoid. Don’t Design for Desktop First One of the common mistakes people make is design a website…

12 Mobile Web Design Tips for the Present and the Future

by Keval Padia

important tips for mobile web design that is sure to help you gain an edge over your competition: 1) Keep Your Design Simple One cannot design a website for the…

web design

10 Unforeseen Ways To Add Creative Punch In Web Design

by Keval Padia

Every web designer wants to be as creative as possible and the main goal of creating a website is to declare the brand’s presence on the web. The web design

5 Key Aspects to Consider in Redesigning Websites

by Keval Padia

latest search algorithm update made their preference clear for mobile friendly websites in search ranks. Responsive design that offers responsively compatible website design for variety of devices to fit in…

7 Killer Web Design Principles

7 Killer Web Design Principles for High Fidelity User Experience

by Keval Padia

enough breath to settle, relax and concentrate. While clutter is a strict n-no in modern web design, negative space is a must for almost all websites. 5. Navigation friendly design

8 UX Design Misconceptions

8 UX Design Misconceptions You Need To Beware Of

by Keval Padia

have seen people being more entertained with apps than websites on their mobile browsers. While most sites lacked responsive design and mobile web technology was less strong, apps continued to…

Web Design Mistakes to Avoid in 2016

The Biggest Web Design Mistakes to Avoid in 2016

by Keval Padia

As mentioned during UX Design Trends 2015 as well as 2016, major trends have taken over in the field of web design. Responsive web design has become the recommended approach…

Future of Web Design

Future of Web Design – Watch out for these 7 Trends

by Keval Padia

build a mobile friendly website. But over the years there have been lot of issues concerning responsive web design and everyone is apprehensive about how designers can address them. The…