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5 Impeccable Reasons Node.js is Great for Startups

5 Impeccable Reasons Node.js is Great for Startups

by Keval Padia

impeccable reasons that Node.js is preferred by most startups. 1. Scalability For many startups, their entire server-side mobile software stack is fully built in Node.js. The main reason in most…

Node.js vs. PHP

by Azat Mardan

Apache WebSocket or Ratchet. Node.js Building real-time apps is just a breeze with the Node.js stack using Socket.IO library with the Express.js framework and the Handlebars reactive template engine. In…

Build Desktop Apps with JavaScript and Node WebKit

by Ben Farrell

Node.js. That plugin is relevant to this discussion because not every Node.js plugin works right out of the box in Node WebKit. ADBKit, as you’ve seen, works great because it’s…

Using Node.js in Production

by Brian Rinaldi

owner=web mode=755 state=directory – name: Add systemd conf template: src=systemd.service.j2 dest=/etc/systemd/system/node-sample.service notify: – enable node-sample handlers: – name: enable node-sample shell: systemctl enable node-sample [Service] WorkingDirectory={{project_root}} ExecStart=/usr/bin/node boot.js ExecReload=/bin/kill -HUP…

Building your first Node.js module

by Jonathan Fielding

Node.js Module? Before we get started with building our Node.js module, it is important that we understand what a Node.js module is. In its simplest form, a Node.js module is…

How Developer Mac Heller-Ogden Convinced His Bosses to Adopt Node.js

by Nathan Collier

…question: Could Node.js improve workflow, efficiency, and performance at Mac—who’s now the principal developer at—was kind enough to spend a few minutes with us on Skype recently to…

Resources for Getting Into NodeJS

by Eric Terpstra

what I think are the best up-to-date (and free) resources for getting into Node.js. Fundamentals First We’ll start with a few basic questions… What is NodeJS? The folks at Modulus…

Building a JavaScript Library with Grunt.js

by Brian Rinaldi

= ‘distrib/’+name+’.min.js‘; sourceMapMin = ‘distrib/source-map-‘+name+’.min.js‘; lDevRelease = ‘distrib/’+latest+’.js‘; lMinRelease = ‘distrib/’+latest+’.min.js‘; lSourceMapMin = ‘distrib/source-map-‘+latest+’.min.js‘; grunt.initConfig({ copy: { development: { // copy non-minified release file src: devRelease, dest: lDevRelease }, minified:…

JXcore – A Node.JS Distribution with Multi-threading

by Brian Rinaldi

on Node project that we named JXcore. However, we are committed to keeping JXCore 100% compatible with all other Node.JS modules that work with the latest version of Node.JS available….

Writing a Command Line Utility using Node

by Brian Rinaldi

Node template for Grunt-Init (git clone [email protected]:gruntjs/grunt-init-node.git ~/.grunt-init/node) Getting Going Assuming all the prerequisites installed properly, we can get started writing our command line tool using Node. First, create a…