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Create Your First Mobile App with PhoneGap Build – Adding jQuery Mobile

by Brian Rinaldi

…make our app look and feel more less like a web page and more like an app using jQuery Mobile. Why jQuery Mobile? As some of you may already know,…

Is jQuery Too Big For Mobile?

by TJ VanToll

…outweigh the development conveniences that the library provides?” To answer that question, we need to determine how long it takes to load jQuery on mobile devices. The rest of this…

7 Mistakes That You Should Avoid In Mobile Friendly Web Design

by Keval Padia

…The increase in the view count of mobile websites by users has forced Google to launch a ranking algorithm on 21st April. If the site is not mobile-friendly, then…

12 Mobile Web Design Tips for the Present and the Future

by Keval Padia

…Google’s search algorithm will be vouching for mobile-friendly sites and hence it is important for all businesses to optimize their website for mobile devices. Here are some of the…

Create Your First Mobile App with PhoneGap Build – Using the Notification API

by Brian Rinaldi

Mobile turns any link within the section with a data-role of header into a button. <div data-role=”header” data-position=”fixed”> <h1>GitHub Search</h1> <a href=”faves.html” class=”ui-btn-right” data-icon=”arrow-r”>Saved Items</a> </div> Loading Saved Items Our…

Top 15 Inspiration Mobile App UI Designs in 2016

by Lisa Smith

…With users being hooked to their mobile phones for all their professional and personal needs, the mobile app market is literally flooded with a wide range of apps. However,…

Mobile-Friendly Mapping for PhoneGap Apps

by Rob Lauer

…By Rob Lauer One of the first and most enduring features of mobile devices was, and continues to be, mapping. The ability to locate yourself on a map with…

Mistakes to Avoid With Responsive Web Design

by Brian Rinaldi

…By Ramya Raju Nowadays, when it seems like everyone has a smartphone or tablet, the importance of creating mobile friendly websites cannot be overstated. As a result, business owners…

8 UX Design Misconceptions

8 UX Design Misconceptions You Need To Beware Of

by Keval Padia

…do not have a rewarding experience, all your investment and energy are just sheer waste. 3) Mobile Apps can only deliver Mobile Experience In the first phase of mobile revolution…

Break The Wrist And Walk Away: Responsive Design And Bootstrap 3

by Burke Holland

…desktop and really tiny on a mobile phone, content is rearranged and kept large so that instead it looks like a website that was written specifically for a mobile device….