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Getting started with Redux using the Mullet Stack

mm by Weyland Joyner

…type: REQUEST_DATA, category }; } export function receiveData(category, data) { return { type: RECEIVE_DATA, category, data }; } function selectRandomly(results) { return results[Math.floor(Math.random() * results.length)]; } export function fetchData(category) {…

Easy API Scaffolding with Simple-API and Node.js

by Joseph Wegner

…path: [“category“, “*category“] getCategoryTasks again builds upon the previous route. This route has a static string match of category in the front, and then another alphanumeric parameter match on the…

45 Useful JavaScript Tips, Tricks and Best Practices

by Saad Mousliki

…with numeric ranges is possible with this trick. function getCategory(age) { var category = “”; switch (true) { case isNaN(age): category = “not an age”; break; case (age >= 50):…

Building a Successful Content Site

by Brian Rinaldi

…and design within whatever system you choose to publish with; Launched: this category can be useful for tracking feedback or changes that might be needed post launch, in the short…

Introduction to npm

by Brian Rinaldi

…print the titles of latest posts on Hacker News: var cheerio = require(‘cheerio’); var request = require(‘superagent’); request.get(‘’) .end(function(reply){ var $ = cheerio.load(reply.text); $(‘td.title a’).each(function(){ console.log($(this).text()); }); }); Run that…

Building a Blog with Jekyll

by Donovan Hutchinson

…The result is the Shop Ireland News. In this article, Shop Ireland News will be acting as our case study, and you can download the blog’s source code from Github….

An Interview with Thomas Palef on Creating HTML5 Games

by Brian Rinaldi

…great HTML5 games. I learned about Thomas and his project from the Hacker News forum, I think it was game #7 when I realized that he is actually gaining quite…

How Kendo UI Uses Kendo UI To Build Angular Directives For Kendo UI

by Brian Rinaldi

…Currently, the header of a Kendo UI widget (in this case, the NumericTextBox) looks like this: var __meta__ = { id: “numerictextbox”, name: “NumericTextBox”, category: “web”, description: “The NumericTextBox widget…

Learning SVG

by Brian Rinaldi

…By Joseph Wegner In my book, SVG is classified as a mythical unicorn super technology. SVG shares this category with other technologies like RegExp, vim, and OpenGL. The common…

Task Automation with Automaton and Node

by Brian Rinaldi

…of these files are being renamed when they are moved to remove the leading underscore. Using Scaffolding The great news is that Automaton includes a number of very useful scaffolding…