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4 reasons you should create a WordPress theme

by Aurelio De Rosa

…have an easier time if you take advantage of one of the WordPress Theme Frameworks. This is a great time to be a web designer or web developer. Now more…

Getting Started with Modern Web Development

by Mike Hostetler

…Henry Thompson shares some beginner resources that had an impact on his journey to learning to become a better Modern Web developer. By Henry Thompson It doesn’t take any…

2014 – What Web Developers Will Need to Know

by Brian Rinaldi

…By Brian Rinaldi As noted in the companion post, things moved fast and furiously in the web development world in 2013. Thus, I asked a number of our authors…

6 reasons WordPress is still the best option for modern websites

by Keval Padia

…Keval Padia breaks down why WordPress is still the premier tool for creating websites. For an increasing number of businesses, the website serves as the digital identity of the…

2013 – The Year in Web Development

by Brian Rinaldi

…By Brian Rinaldi 2013 definitely felt, to me, like a turning point year in web development. In that vein, I reached out to a number of our authors and…

Creating Sound with the Web Audio API and Oscillators

by Brian Rinaldi

…By Brian Rinaldi Typically, the web is a purely visual medium, but audio can be an important part of creating great user experiences – and not just in games….

Testing Web Apps from the Ground Up

by Brian Rinaldi

…article, I will describe the code and tests for a tiny web app that draws a blue sky if it’s day time. And a black sky if it’s night time….

Using the AWS JavaScript SDK in the Browser

by Saad Mousliki

…By Saad Mousliki Amazon is the market leader of Cloud services, offering a huge range of services, currently 27 services. Those services are accessed via a web management console,…

5 Key Aspects to Consider in Redesigning Websites

by Keval Padia

…There are too many changes that took place in the recent time over the web. An array of technologies and apps, tools, mobile advancement and transformation and emergence of…

Using Node.js in Production

by Brian Rinaldi

…a Web User Because it is insecure to run your application as root, we will create a web user for our system. To create this user, run: # useradd -mrU…