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Slush – A Better Web App Scaffolding Tool

by Brian Rinaldi

new apps/packages. With a scaffolding tool you can also get help when upgrading an existing project that has already been generated with the tool. The most popular scaffolding tool today…

Building a Game with In-App Payments for Firefox OS

by Rob Lauer

…OS apps: a hosted app and a packaged app. A hosted app is basically a web site that is hosted on any old web server, but the application code is…

2014 – What Web Developers Will Need to Know

by Brian Rinaldi

apps. New tools, frameworks and libraries will emerge to allow web developers to reach a performance parity with native apps and release a single codebase on multiple platforms. Granted, this…

Using Node.js in Production

by Brian Rinaldi

the owner to web: # chown web /var/www Set the group to web: # chgrp web /var/www cd into it: # cd /var/www/ As the web user: $ su web

Building Multiplayer Games with Node.js and Socket.IO

by Eric Terpstra

to monitor all websocket traffic for that particular window by clicking the WebSockets button along the bottom toolbar. Within the WebSockets panel, a list of connections appear in the left-hand…

Real-World Best Practices for Building Angular.js Apps without Browserify or Require.js

by Jeff Dickey

application and comparing the merits of browserify vs require.js in an Angular app. I’ve worked with Angular on quite a few apps at this point, and have seen many different…

Mobile App Development – Tips for Getting Noticed

by Jen Looper

These pertain in particular to iOS app development, and to utility apps specifically. I feel that Android apps require a different marketing strategy that I’m less familiar with it, so…

Testing Web Apps from the Ground Up

by Brian Rinaldi

…will describe all the code I wrote. The web app. The microscopic testing framework. The tests for the client side code. The mocks that fake layers of the web app

Create Your First Mobile App with PhoneGap Build – Connecting to an API

by Brian Rinaldi

appear on the screen unless we manually trigger app.deviceready() method via Chrome Dev Tools (or the developer tools of whatever browser you are using). In Chrome, you’d go to Tools…

Top 15 Inspiration Mobile App UI Designs in 2016

by Lisa Smith

With users being hooked to their mobile phones for all their professional and personal needs, the mobile app market is literally flooded with a wide range of apps. However, when…