Todd Anderson

Todd Anderson is an application developer with a passion for architecture and development workflows.

As a strong proponent of agile practices and Test Driven Development with over a decade of experience, he has helped deliver web, mobile and desktop solutions with numerous companies in the enterprise and entertainment industries including Adobe, THQ, Condé Nast Publications and Motorola.

He writes frequently about software and technology on his blog, support Open Source software and due my best to give back to the development community through GitHub and have had the esteemed pleasure to be a co-author on several titles from O'Reilly and Wiley Wrox: Amazon profile.

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BDD in JavaScript with CucumberJS

by Todd Anderson

By Todd Anderson I have previously written about test driven development (TDD) in JavaScript, most notably using the behavior driven development (BDD) style library Jasmine in a series on building a Test-Driven Grocery List…

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A Slight Obsession Over Page Speed

by Todd Anderson

By Todd Anderson Lately, several projects (both personal and work-related) have ignited an increasing obsession over page load speed and performance. I wanted to highlight a few tools and resources I find useful in…

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