Back-End Development vs Front-End Development (Two Aspects of Modern Web Development)

What Is Web Development?

Development is comprising of two parts FRONT-END DEVELOPMENT & BACK-END DEVELOPMENT.

Building, creating and maintaining a website basically refer to web development.Some features such as web designing, web publishing web programming and database management comes under the aspect of web development.

Ever since the websites and applications has taken over the internet it has been widely noticed that these websites carry some different styles, patterns, colors, themes in themselves. These different styles, patterns, colors, themes that seems to be very simple and easy to develop,but carried a great effort and expertise to develop. It is the working that happened behind our eyes to make a website look amazing, work efficiently and perform great with a flawless user experience.

Web development skills are high in demand. The field of web development is divided down into two phases the front-end (the user facing side) and the back-end (the developer/server side).

Some Other Means/Tools of Web Development

So in the recent years many content management tools have been developed for developers to create website easily and have become very popular among the developers or the mean of development. Some of these platforms include

  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • Magento
  • SharePoint

Regardless of all these easily web development tools many big organizations, large businesses and small startups do not prefer these content management systems for web development instead they prefer to have an expert and dedicated web development team that develop, design and maintain their business’s website for them.

These team of experts are known as web developer and web designers. And these developers are divided into two categories the Front-end developers and Back-end developers.

Front-end developers decide how the website will look and develop website accordingly.

Back-end developers decide how the website is going to work and work accordingly to develop website.

When you are developing a website your front-end developer would work on appearance, images, styles and presentations. While your back-end developers would work on databases, website’s back-end user’s issues, security and website performance issues.

What Is Front End Development?

Have you ever looked at the website and think how it is developed, from where all these colors and themes comes from, how these colorful buttons work?What is the logic behind that? So, here are the answers to your wonders all these features are built through Front-end Development, and the experts who do all this tasks are known as front-end developers.

Front end development defines the way how website will look. It is the front-end development by which developers came to know how the design is going to be implemented on a website.

What languages Is used by front-end developers for front-end development?

Front-end is the segment of website that interconnect with the users.Front-end developers implemented the website design through some coding languages such as HTML, CSS and JAVASCRIPT.  Front-end developers also need to be familiar with the frameworks like Bootstraps, Foundation Backbone, AngularJS and EmberJS, these frameworks add fluency in coding languages, and also ensure great-looking content no matter by which device your website being visit.

What is Back-end Development?

So, have you wonder how a website works? What make front-end of a website possible, where all the information and data is stored? Where all your queries and questions goes/stored? So the answers regarding these technologies related question is that this where Back-end comes in all these services are carried out through back-end development, and the experts who do all this tasks are known as back-end developers.

What languages Is used by back-end developers for back-end development?

The back-end of the website consists of the server that host the website, an application to running it and database to store all the data in it.

Back-end developers uses some computer program to ensure that server hosting the website, application for that website and the database all together are running smoothly. Back-end developer need to be proficient in experienced in programming languages render on the server side of a website or application. The most popular back-end programming languages are PHP, Ruby, Python, Node.js and Java. A professional back-end developer must have hand to hand expertise over one of these languages, but mist be familiar and know how to work on other languages too. A back-end developer also need to be skillful in working with some well-known databases such as MySQL, Oracle and SQL Server.


There is no visible comparison between these two development, we can’t compare which one is more great or hard and which one is not. But we can surely say that none of these development can run or stay without the other, they are side by side or necessary for each other.

So, here comes a question what different kind of skills are needed by Front and Back end developers?

Front-end developers work with the layout, appearance and user-interface of the website. For that the expertise on programming language they required is already mentioned above. But as a front-end developer they should also be familiar with some designing tools like Adobe Illustrators, Adobe Photoshop, Sketch or Figma so that they can create some basic colorful buttons, themes and other elements required in the designing of a website. They should also need a basic knowledge of web hosting and how to buy a domain for your site.

Back-end developers on the very first end a back-end developers need very expert and analytical thinking skills. A back-end developer is designing and developing systems how the users are going to interact with the website. They are mostly working with the code writing it in a perfect manner, running that code and then debugging it. As a back-end developer they need to answer some question like: where all the data is stored? Is data is stored securely? How a new feature is going to add in the website?What if a huge amount of traffic comes to the site, will the site be able to scale with traffic without crashing? they also need to test their website, so that when it will be present to end-users or clients it will be free from all kinds of errors and bugs.


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