Best Fantasy Football Draft Software 2023

Fantasy football is the prevalent fantasy sport right now, yet with the sheer amount of available data and resources, it can be tricky to gain an edge over your rivals. Until now 🙂

One of the best ways to gain the upper hand has got to be NFL draft software. These fantasy sports tools give you the opportunity to make simulated drafts so that you can practice and perfect your technique.

If you’re a skilled fantasy football player, draft software can not only provide valuable insights but also automate the tedious tasks on draft day. That way, you can focus heavily on what matters most – winning!

Choosing The Best Fantasy Football Draft Software

Best Overall Software: FantasyPros Draft Wizard

As the proud recipient of four FSTA Best Fantasy Sport Service/Tool awards, FantasyPros Draft Wizard is indisputably the premier fantasy football draft software. By combining their innovative Draft Assistant and Mock Draft simulator tools, you can be sure that your drafts will yield excellent outcomes at the end of each season!

Draft Assistant is available in two forms: Synchronization and Manual, both of which come with the deeply useful Draft Tracker. This tool eliminates drafted players from the equation, then ranks the remaining options from ideal to inferior.

With the Manual Assistant, Fantasy Pro subscribers of all levels can easily mark off unavailable players – making it simpler to stay organized and up-to-date.

Draft Assistant is a game-changing tool to ensure the best possible draft picks. By keeping close track of your drafts, this reliable source suggests optimal selections based on consensus recommendations from various authorities in the field. With Draft Assistant by your side, you can rest assured that you’ll make only great choices throughout each draft.

One of the most advantageous features offered by Draft Assistant is its capacity to provide percentage odds that players will be available for your next pick.

The Mock Draft simulator allows you to create a personalized football draft in no time and will quickly adapt to the roster positions, keepers, and scoring rules that you specify. Not only does it save time by completing a mock draft for you – but beginners can also use this as an excellent learning opportunity! Experiment with different strategies or revert back on mistakes made during your fantasy football league draft all within just minutes.

Upon completion of your mock draft, you’ll get an instantaneous assessment.


• In-draft suggestions based on expert rankings

• Good learning tool

• Optimizes picks for your draft

• Syncs directly to most major league hosting platforms


• PRO subscription plan doesn’t support league synchronization

Best Alternative: RotoLab

RotoLab provides users with a series of remarkable features, such as drafting, roster organization and player projections. You can either rely on their expert analysis or tweak them yourself to define your own preferences when it comes to choosing which players you draft!

It is simple to oversee your draft team with the integrated trade evaluator that accurately predicts what you stand to gain or lose in each transaction.

Drafting with RotoLab’s cutting-edge tool is simpler than ever – you’ll have access to every facet of your fantasy league including football players, teams, salary caps, positional needs, and stat category goals. It’s easy as selecting the desired player, team and their respective salaries; from there on out it’s up to the powerful software take care of all that tedious work for you.


• Easy way to draft

• Insightful player projections


• No auto-sync feature

Best Value: RotoChamp

RotoChamp is a truly impressive program that runs on Windows, Macs, iPads, mobiles and tablets. The cloud-based platform allows you to gain access to your data from virtually any device with an internet connection. It also provides remarkable custom-drafting capabilities so you may modify player stats as well as NFL rankings according to your individual drafting needs; there are over 50 categories for selection in the league settings!

Get up-to-date projections of your players’ standings after each draft with the multiple projection systems, such as Steamer, CAIRO, and RotoChamp. Simultaneously track how you’re progressing in terms of setting category goals to make sure that all your hard work results in success.

All of these features are currently available for less than $70.


• Free Trial version

• Cloud-based 

• Customizable


• Compatibility problems on tablets

Best 2023 Alternative: FanDraft

As an enthusiastic fantasy football participant, I was absolutely thrilled when I stumbled across FanDraft- a powerful software that has certainly exceeded my expectations. With this premiere application, crafting the perfect team is easier than ever before!

What makes FanDraft fantasy football draft software so remarkable is its use of natural language. Instead of providing machine-generated responses, the software provides real-time updates and helpful advice that feels like you’re talking to an experienced friend. It’s able to comprehend the conversation context and offer pertinent information according to what it discerns from your discussion topic.

FanDraft stands out due to its emotional intelligence. It can recognize and respond to your feelings, delivering support as you need it most. During one of my most difficult rounds of tracing, for example, the software sensed my frustration and provided useful advice that enabled me to make an optimal pick.

FanDraft stands out from the crowd due to its personalized features. The software has the ability to customize and tailor suggestions based on an individual’s preferences, enhancing their experience and helping them build a stronger team in the process. Not only does this personalization optimize results, but it also makes drafting much more enjoyable.

FanDraft is incomparable when it comes to being consistent. The whole interactive experience has a steady tone and style, so you’ll never be confused by any sudden shifts in language or phrasing that indicate automated messages over those of an actual person. This guarantees continuity which enables the user to stay present and dedicated on the task at hand without feeling disturbed or unsettled.

All in all, FanDraft is one of the best fantasy football draft software that provides an exceptional user experience. Its repertoire of features such as natural language processing, emotional intelligence, customization and steady functioning mean it’s no wonder why so many fantasy players pick this tool first.


  • Customizable settings
  • Real-time draft board
  • Personalized recommendations
  • User-friendly interface


  • Not great for complex league settings

How To Choose The Best Fantasy Football Draft Software

Drafting your fantasy football team correctly guarantees your win. 

To make the most advantageous software choice, equip yourself with the knowledge to inform your decision-making. Adopt a few drafting tips that can help you determine what is best for you.

Best Drafting Tips

For all you fantasy football aficionados out there, it is essential to be informed about the parameters of your league in order to dominate the draft picks. The drafting strategy is dependent on this necessary knowledge and with it comes success. Other tips include:

  1. Prepare In-Depth: Prior to draft day, make sure you conduct a thorough investigation of player rankings and injury reports. This information will ensure that your selections are based on sound decisions so that you can maximize performance during the season.
  2. Develop a Draft Strategy: Planning ahead is key to making the most of your picks during the live draft. Identify which positions you want to target early on and which players you should avoid in order to build a well-rounded team that can be successful throughout the season. Constructing an effective strategy before the draft starts will help ensure that each pick contributes positively towards your ultimate goal – winning!
  3. Think Wisely About Your League Rules: As you devise your draft strategy, remember to examine the particular settings of your league. Suppose that catches are rewarded with points – then it follows that players with higher involvement in their team’s aerial attack would be an ideal match for you.
  4. Striking a Healthy Mix: To maximize your success, you need to blend the right amount of risk and consistency when selecting players. As you may know, some risky picks can bring a huge reward; however, it’s essential that several solid performers make up your core for dependable and steady points.
  5. Account for Injuries and Bye Weeks: Don’t let a random injury or bye week ruin your season. Make sure to build depth at key positions, balancing the appeal of snatching up star players in early rounds with the need to acquire solid backups and supplementary talent later on.
  6. Be Ready to Pivot: Above all else, it’s essential to remain adaptable during the draft and modify your plan accordingly. Unexpected choices may be made by other participants or a crucial player might drop lower than you hoped for – in these cases, being ready to pivot is vital if you want to make the most of this opportunity.

Practice Mock Drafts Before Your Fantasy Football Draft

Mock drafts aren’t only a practice run for the season.

Prepare yourself for draft day by participating in mock drafts! Here are some tactics you can use to get the most out of them:

  1. Opt for a Dependable Platform: Ensure that you select the most dependable fantasy football platform possible to practice mock drafts. You can find multiple free options such as ESPN fantasy football, Yahoo fantasy sports, and To become accustomed with the interface and features of your chosen platform prior to an actual draft day, use one similar to what will be used in real life!
  2. Participate in Public Mock Drafts: By joining public mock drafts, you not only get a grasp of other players’ drafting approaches but also hone your own strategy. That’s right – instead of facing an AI-controlled system, you’ll be going up against actual people.
  3. Test Your Strategies: Mock drafts let you take risks and try out new strategies. Maybe you want to go with a “Zero RB” approach and prioritize wide receivers and tight ends during your early draft rounds, or maybe choose the more conservative “Stud RB” strategy that focuses on top-level running backs first. Whatever plan of action you decide on, mock drafting provides an excellent opportunity to see how it plays out in practice.
  4. Refining Your Draft Practice: Experimenting with multiple draft positions can help you refine your strategy and be better prepared for any potential scenarios. It is a great way to hone in on a comprehensive approach, so that no matter where you are drafting from, you will know what to do next.
  5. Treat It Seriously: Even though mock drafts are not as consequential as the real draft, it is essential to treat them seriously and act like they’re actual. This will help you cultivate strong habits and hone your decision-making aptitude in a time-constrained environment.

Practicing with mock drafts is a great way to build your confidence and learn what strategies suit you best. By doing so, you’ll be ready for the real deal when it’s time for your fantasy football draft!


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