­Best Genogram Software

Genograms are tools that are useful when you need to display transparent and synthesized information.

If you want to create a family tree to display family relationships, then you will most definitely benefit from the use of genogram maker resources.

We have done diligent research and curated a list of some top-quality genogram makers software for you.

Read further, if you want to find out what is the best genogram maker.

Best Genogram Makers 

Best Overall: EDraw Max

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EDraw Max has the best genogram tools, making it the best genogram maker on the list.  

The EDraw Max has an online version that offers a rich library of free templates and allows you to make a genogram afresh.

It has an extremely intuitive workspace and responsive features.The easy-to-use drag and drop feature makes it a favorite genogram maker for many users.

You have the option of diverse symbols and templates to set out a family’s relationships, emotional states, as well as medical conditions.

The EDraw Max genogram maker allows you to share your genograms online with co-workers or friends.

If you are familiar with Microsoft Office’s ribbon interface, then you will be happy to know that EDraw has similar features. The ribbon menu can be easily read and navigated.

Although most charts are easy to edit, some features are difficult to manage. Some find it difficult to customize data percentages when working with infographics.

It is worth noting that you need to pay to access all the features on EDraw Max. 

Suitable For?

It is suitable for various individuals, such as students and professionals. 

Compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux. There is also an online version. 


  • User-friendly interface
  • Offers a ton of templates for all chart types
  • A user can easily navigate the ribbon menu
  • You can collaborate with others


  • Some would prefer a tutorial of the more subtle tools
  • Can get pricey if you need to access the additional features

Alternative: Progeny Genetics

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Progeny Genetics provides information about families, genetic data management and pedigree.

Progeny Genetics allows you to map out an entire ancestry, with the inclusion of their medical history. This gives medical professionals the opportunity to see a patient’s medical history.

Progeny also features a tool called ‘Progeny Pedigree’ that allows you to draw pedigree charts, and it’s free.

You can print out the genogram or save it on your computer as different image file formats (png, jpg).

Progeny’s features are not intuitive, and it might take some time for newbies to get used to its working space.

Progeny has also been known to freeze at times. 

Suitable For?

This genetics platform is mainly targeted at medical institutions as it can assist with clinical management of pedigrees and patient data.

You can access the program via Progeny’s website. 


  • Can print out and save the genogram on your PC
  • Has a free pedigree tool
  • Medical institutions can see a lineage’s medical history


  • Users may need time to get used to the features
  • The Progeny program freezes sometimes

Best Value: GenoProX

Screenshot 3 1

GenoProX is this list’s best valued genogram maker.

When you open this genogram maker app, you might find the interface to be quite daunting as there are five different toolbars. You will need to become confident with the program.

You can easily mark and customize labels with its drag and drop edit option.

You can add hyperlinks to the family pedigree. You can also create a serviceable HTML file of the family without it affecting your privacy.

You can then view the report at any time. This is particularly helpful for someone who is doing research on their lineage.

The interpretation of the genogram may also be complex for beginners. The GenoProX software illustrates a pedigree via a web of complex social relations. 

This is quite a useful feature for business and research professionals to use, but beginners to genogram makers find it difficult to interpret.

Suitable For?

GenoProX is recommended to individuals who do genealogical or historical projects, as well as for professionals who are looking for an in-depth genealogy software.

This is not an online genogram maker. The GenoProX app is available for Windows and Linux.


  • Customizable labelling options
  • You can create a HTML report
  • Can be beneficial for professionals to use


  • A cluttered user interface
  • Genograms are difficult to interpret if you are not a professional

Alternative: SmartDraw

Screenshot 4 1

The top alternative to GenoProX is SmartDraw.

It will make your job much easier with its integration features with Microsoft Office, OneDrive, Google Drive and Adobe.

In addition, SmartDraw’s support team is easily contactable and super responsive.

As a first-time user, you might encounter a few stumbling blocks with the different features, and you might need some time to become familiar with the software.

One of the downsides to SmartDraw is that you have to switch back and forth between the home and design tabs. Some users prefer that everything is on one tab.

Like other software on this list, SmartDraw offers many customizable genogram templates that you can easily edit. 

The standout feature is that this genogram maker re-balances diagrams automatically to keep it looking neat.

Suitable For?

SmartDraw is ideal for students or practitioners of mental health and social sciences. Business professionals can also make use of this genogram maker software.

It is compatible with Mac, Windows and Vista. There is also a Web version. 


  • Integrates with various suites
  • Responsive support team
  • Offers customizable templates
  • It rebalances diagrams automatically


  • Not the easiest interface
  • Home and design tab are separate

Best Budget: Creately

Screenshot 5 1

Creately is the best budget genogram creation software on this list as it costs a lot less than many other diagramming software out there.

This online genogram maker allows you to work with your friends or family members on a genogram simultaneously.

You can choose between basic and detailed shapes used to create a genogram.

Creately’s online free version has simple designs. If you want more templates and features, you have to pay extra.

Some users find it difficult to edit the charts.

Suitable For?

A simple program that can be used by anyone, from students to professionals.

You can access the program via Creately’s website.


  • Includes real-time collaboration
  • Numerous templates and shapes to pick from
  • Costs less than other diagramming programs


  • You have to pay for more features
  • Editing can be improved

Alternative: Canva

Screenshot 6

The best alternative to Creately is Canva.

This free genogram maker lets you add media files to your charts, which can be beneficial for your genogram.

One of the negatives to the Canva is that you have to make the genogram completely from scratch, as there are no available templates.

Then again, you have the freedom to develop and design your genogram in any way you want.

Some of Canva’s tools and images are not free.

Suitable For?

Canva is ideal for those who are a beginner to diagramming programs.

Canva is an online tool, so you can search for diagrams via Canva’s website. 


  • You can add media files to your genogram
  • Have the freedom to design your genogram in any way you want


  • Have to make the genogram from scratch
  • Some resources are not for free

How to choose the best genogram maker software for you 


The first thing you need to make sure of is whether the software is compatible with your PC.

For example, if you are looking for a genogram maker for Mac then SmartDraw, Progeny Pedigree and Edraw are compatible. Whereas, GenoPro is compatible with Windows, but not compatible with software for Mac.

On the other hand, diagramming programs like Canva and Creately, are freely available on the Web browser for any PC user.


You may also want to be cognizant of your own experience with genograms and a genogram maker. That is, if you are a beginner to genogram analytics or just want a simple family tree maker, then you should rather want to opt for SmartDraw or Canva, instead of GenoPro, which is more suitable for professionals who are familiar with making detailed genograms.

Intended Use

It also depends on how much you intend on using the software. If your job requires you to consistently work with genograms, then you might find it beneficial to purchase a diagramming program, such as EDraw Max. If you are making a one-time simple genogram, then you would be more interested in using a free online version, such as Canva or Creately.

It may be beneficial for you to see whether a certain software offers a free trial.

Through a free trial-period, you can look at the various templates offered. 

What are the benefits of genogram creator programs? 

A genogram maker is often used by family therapists, social workers, medical practitioners, and genetic researchers to reveal insights into family behavior and/or conditions.

Including information that can go back 3-4 generations makes a genogram particularly valuable.

It is one of the most powerful ways for you to discover your family origin, family history, and how it impacts who you are in the present, such as how you conduct your relationships.

For these reasons, a genogram lets you decipher and highlight certain patterns and trends when it is mapped out for you. By looking at the trends and patterns, you might be able to find a root cause of certain familial problems and/or conditions.

What differentiates family trees from a genogram?

A traditional family tree only depicts a lineage, whereas a genogram lets you visualize patterns and psychological factors that have a potential impact on relationships.

You can also make a genogram that uses symbols to indicate a range of emotions (e.g., love to hate). 

Genograms allow you to tag individuals with particular traits (e.g., depression). This feature is quite useful for the analysis of hereditary patterns and psychological conditions by health practitioners or researchers.

In short, a genogram shows a lot more detail about the relationships between the family members than a family tree.

What are the disadvantages of genograms?

One downside to the genogram is that it gives somewhat of an overview of the family, yielding limited information about the interactions between the family members. Researchers criticize genograms for being more static as opposed to a dynamic family tree.

A genogram typically only shows about 3-4 generations of a family. This provides doctors or social workers with a relatively small scope, making it more challenging to make sense of the family’s contexts.

In contrast, a traditional family tree can go back much farther in generations than a genogram.

What should be included in a genogram?

In essence, you need to include all the basic demographic details, such as names and dates. Dates can include members’ birth, death, marriage, divorce, etc.

For another layer of information, you can include the members’ level of education, profession, social status, etc.

Health and social science practitioners will include an additional layer of information that consists of disorders that run in the family. For example, depression, diseases, alcoholism, etc.

What do the genogram symbols represent?

A male is represented with a square and a female is represented by a circle.

A horizontal line connects the square and circle to indicate a family between the two.

The children are then below the horizontal line, from oldest to youngest.

A triangle represents either a pregnancy, miscarriage and abortion.


Out of all the diagramming programs on the list, EDraw Max has been chosen as the best overall program due to its intuitive user interface, and easy drag-and-drop features.

It also gives you the option of creating a genogram from scratch or choosing from a rich library of free genogram templates.

With its diverse symbols and customizable templates, it helps you depict a clear and consolidated picture of a family’s relationship.

It can be quite confusing when getting to grips with understanding genograms and that is why it is so important to find a good genogram maker.


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