Best of JavaScript, HTML & CSS – Week of March 31, 2014



There were a lot of great articles and tutorials this week. Some of my personal favorites are Ryan Morr discussing why browser detection is a bad idea but also unavoidable, Adam Schwartz’s free CSS book called The Magic of CSS and the JavaScript OCR demo.


Ryan Morr discusses the history of browser detection, why it is unfortunately unavoidable and how to make it better.
Improving Browser Detection

Craig Robinson looks back on the lessons his team learned when attempting to build their own HTML5 games engine.
Lessons Learned Building an HTML5 Games Engine

Raymond Camden shows how to dynamically generate and download CSV files on the client using JavaScript.
Dynamically Creating CSV Files on the Client

Trevan Hetzel explains what OOCSS is, its benefits and, to a lesser extent, its potential downsides.
What is OOCSS?

Lea Verou shows how she dynamically generated SVG URI’s using SASS to create a 3D RGB cube with CSS.
Dynamically generated SVG through SASS + A 3D animated RGB cube!

A quick introduction to ems by Louis Lazaris.
The Power of em Units in CSS

Chris Coyier shares his recent methodology on font-sizing.
Font Size Idea: px at the Root, rem for Components, em for Text Elements

Bear Travis shows how to create a frosted glass filter effect using CSS filters.
Frosting Glass with CSS Filters

Libraries and Frameworks

Get started with the Express web framework by learning the basics of routes from Dhananjay Kumar.
The Basics of Express Routes

Emanuele Feronato demonstrates how to create a HTML5 version of the popular “2048″ game using the Phaser framework.
How to create a complete HTML5 “2048″ game with Phaser

See how to use uncss, a NodeJS command-line tool, to remove unused CSS from your code by David Walsh.
uncss: Find Unused CSS

Jake Bresnehan goes over the pluses and minuses of several Sass grid frameworks.
Grid Frameworks for Sass

Mary Lou shows how to create a circular progress indicator using CSS, SVG and JavaScript.
How to Create a Circular Progress Button


Christophe Coenraets shows how to add Facebook integration into a PhoneGap app using traditional OAuth rather than the plugin.
Cordova/PhoneGap Facebook Integration without Plugin

Gabriel Cirtea continues his series on building a feed reader with MongoDB, Express, AngularJS and Node.js.
Creating an RSS Feed Reader With the MEAN Stack

Rik Schennink shows how to use ConditionerJS, a JavaScript library for loading and unloading behavior based on environment conditions.
Frizz-Free JavaScript With ConditionerJS


The Magic of CSS is a free online book written by Adam Schwartz based on his CSS training courses.
Magic of CSS

This pure JavaScript OCR demo was built with the getUserMedia API, WebGL and ocrad.js.
JavaScript OCR demo

March’s top HTML, CSS, JavaScript Articles on Flippin’ Awesome
March’s HTML, CSS, JavaScript Articles on Flippin’ Awesome

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