Best of JavaScript, HTML & CSS – Week of April 7, 2014



Lots of great articles this week, though no real themes stand out. We’ve got lots of CSS and Sass, Pebble watch development, ES6 and ES7, PhoneGap and more. Basically, this week runs the gamut.


A look at a number of strategies for organizing your CSS code in modular manner for preprocessors by Tim Severien.
Organizing Your CSS Code for Preprocessors

Mark Volkmann gives an introduction to ECMAScript 6 features in JavaScript and how to take advantage of them today.
ECMAScript 6: Jump in, the water is warm!

Spare yourself some potential pain by learning about these 7 JavaScript quirks and WTFs from Jim Cowart.
Seven JavaScript Quirks I Wish I’d Known About

Patrick Catanzariti walks through creating an app for the Pebble smart watch with JavaScript and C.
Pebble Watch Development with JavaScript

A very cool tutorial and series of demos on creating advanced animation paths with SVG.
Advanced animation path

Joe Zim on the current state of handling asynchronous function in JavaScript and how ES6 and moreso ES7 improve it.
Synchronizing Asynchronous JavaScript with ES7

Ben Nadel demonstrates how the TreeWalker JavaScript API lets you easily traverse specific components of the DOM tree.
Finding HTML Comment Nodes In The DOM Using TreeWalker

Raymond Camden expands on his multi-file upload example.
Multi-File Uploads and Multiple Selects (Part 2)

Landon Schropp explains what JavaScript promises are, why they are beneficial and how to use them.
Write Better JavaScript with Promises

Libraries and Frameworks

Hugo Giraudel shares a “not so terrible” solution for using Sass @extend directives across media queries.
Cross-Media Query @extend Directives in Sass

See how to use JSDiff to get diffs in text comparisons by Toby Ho.

The BMEAN stack adds Breeze to the standard MEAN stack to support offline applications using the client’s cache.
The BMEAN Stack and Offline-First Design


Holly Schinsky clears up any confusion over the multiple ways to add a plugin to your PhoneGap/Cordova project.
PhoneGap/Cordova – Adding Plugins

Christophe Coenraets shares a new version of Sociogram, a mobile application built with AngularJS, Ionic, and OpenFB.
Sociogram: A Sample Application demonstrating AngularJS/Ionic and Facebook Integration


Tejas Jasani shares 10 strategies for increasing engagement in your mobile game and examples of games that use them.
Ten Engagement Strategies to Increase the Profitability of Your Mobile Game

Andy Parker wonders what impact the Oculus VR and Amazon Fire TV may have on developing for screens and interactivity on the web.
Will Oculus VR and Amazon Fire TV Change Web App Development?

John Resig explains how he’s benefitted in terms of managing his side-projects by deciding to write some code every single day.
Write Code Every Day

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