Best of JavaScript, HTML & CSS – Week of February 17, 2014



There’s certainly no shortage of great articles and tutorials this week. Sorry for the delay but I was attending and speaking at DevNexus in Atlanta this week. Some highlights below include a look at a new build tool called Fez and building an HTML5 version of Flappy Bird. Enjoy!


Thomas Palef shares his experience and tips for anyone considering getting started with HTML5 game development.
Tips for Getting Started with HTML5 Game Development

CSS Blend Modes landed in 2D Canvas on Safari, Firefox and Chrome and this post explains how to use them.
Using blend modes in HTML Canvas

Krasimir Tsnev shares a class he created to handle cross-browser Ajax requests with GET, POST, PUT and DELETE support.
Cross-browser handling of Ajax requests

Aurelio de Rosa covers the basics of a number of newer API’s such as high resolution time, user timing network information and more.
10 HTML5 APIs Worth Looking Into

Ana Tudor walks through step-by-step what happens as you create a complex 3D animation using CSS 3D transforms.
How Nesting 3D Transformed Elements Works

Chris Coyier comes up with a way to make nice float labels on form elements using just CSS.
Float Labels with CSS

Parker Bennett shows how, by overlapping different icons, you can essentially create multi-colored icon fonts.
Stackicons: Doing More with Icon Fonts

Libraries and Frameworks

Fez is a build tool along the lines of Make. Isaac Wagner explains how it works and how it compares to Grunt.
Using Grunt? Consider Fez

Thomas Palef walks through how to build a Flappy-Bird-like game in HTML and JavaScript using the Phaser framework.
How to make a Flappy Bird in HTML5 with Phaser

Brad Carleton shows how to use the async library and async.series in Node to make messy callback code more readable.
Taming Callback Hell in Node.js

Toby Ho shows how to use Event Emitter, a small library for attaching events to JavaScript objects.
Event Emitter

In part two of the series on CreateJS, James Tyner looks at PreloadJs, SoundJs, and TweenJs.
Using CreateJs: PreloadJS, SoundJS, and TweenJS


Wondering whether to build your app as native, web or hybrid? Burke Holland says you’re asking the wrong question.
Native vs HTML5 – You’re Asking The Wrong Question

Christophe Coenraets built a sample interactive mobile dashboard app with D3.js and Chart.js and shares his thoughts and the results.
Building Interactive Mobile Dashboards with D3 and other Charting Libraries

Zoltan Horvath gives an update on the status of the proposed text-align-last property in CSS.
Improving your site’s visual  details: CSS3 text-align-last


Elizabeth Phillips shares four tips for Web Designers to improve the security of their site and their software.
4 Ways to Improve Security for Web Designers

Using the new states feature in Edge Reflow, you can now create simple drop down menus in your responsive layouts.
Simple drop downs menus in Reflow

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