Best of JavaScript, HTML & CSS – Week of January 13, 2014



Lots of great tutorials this week as usual, but some of the most interesting items, in my opinion, this week ended up in the “etc.” section as they aren’t tutorials. I’m talking about the posts on the future of Node and jQuery in 2014 and a discussion of the PSD to HTML workflow by Nick Pettit. Check them out.


It’s possible to create real, protected private variables in JavaScript using ES6 WeakMaps according to Nick Fitzgerald.
Private Variables in JavaScript with ES6 WeakMaps

Krasimir Tsonev explains the problem dependency injection solves and multiple ways to implement it in JavaScript.
Dependency Injection in JavaScript

Emanuele Feronato on how to build a simple prototype based on Terry Cavanagh’s vvvvvv game using HTML and JavaScript.
HTML5 Terry Cavanagh’s vvvvvv game prototype

Eric Bidelman discusses the official Web Speech API that landed in Chrome 33 showing how to use the Speech Synthesis API.
Web apps that talk – Introduction to the Speech Synthesis API

Christopher Schmitt discusses a new proposal for handling responsive images.
The src-n Responsive Image Solution

Aurelio De Rosa discusses the classList API and how it can be used to manage class names of DOM elements.
Exploring the classList API

In part 5 of his ongoing tutorial, Ariya Hidayat shows a demo of a cover flow effect created with JavaScript.
JavaScript Kinetic Scrolling: Part 5 (Cover Flow Effect)

Zach Saucier shares some of the tricks he uses to create impressive CSS-based animations.
CSS Animation Tricks: State Jumping, Negative Delays, Animating Origin, and More

Libraries and Frameworks

Why Sass is better than LESS, according to Zing Design, and the reasons for choosing LESS in the past no longer apply.
LESS vs Sass? It’s time to switch to Sass

Tahir Taous looks at some UI frameworks that you may not have heard of such as Ionic, Semantic UI, UIkit and more.
Beyond Bootstrap and Foundation: Frameworks You’ve Never Heard Of

Addy Osmani walks through the workflow using Yeoman to build applications with Polymer and web components.
Yo Polymer – A Whirlwind Tour Of Web Component Tooling

Toran Billups discusses how to test your Ember.js applications.
Ember.js Testing


Walk through Ionic, a new UI framework for developing hybrid mobile apps in HTML5, with examples from Holly Schinsky.
Ionic – Mobile UI Framework for PhoneGap/Cordova Developers

Burke Holland walks through how to get push notifications working in PhoneGap on iOS.
Let’s Get Push Notifications Working In PhoneGap And iOS

Part two of Raymond Camden’s overview of mobile debugging techniques goes in depth on Edge Inspect.
An Overview of Mobile Debugging Techniques – Part Two


From Nick Pettit’s post and the comments it generated, you can see a consensus that the PSD to HTML workflow is dead but not on a replacement.
PSD to HTML is Dead

New Node.js project lead, Timothy Fontaine, talks about plans for the future of the project.
Node.js and the Road Ahead

Dave Methvin posts the state of jQuery 2014, looking back at 2013 and discussing plans for 2014.
The State of jQuery 2014

CJ Gammon on how the Adobe Web Platform Team worked with Food Network on an app using the latest browser features.
Making the Web Sweeter with Food Network and Cupcakes

Edge Reflow Preview 7 includes new features such as form elements, interactivity, links across pages and much more.

Adobe Edge Reflow Team Blog

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