Best of JavaScript, HTML & CSS – Week of January 27, 2014



There was a lot of content to choose from this week (and tough choices to be made). In the end, the list is still long but these articles are definitely worth the time. I wouldn’t say there was any particular themes coming through this week, just lots of great tutorials.


Learn how to get started using SVG to build scalable and animated images from Joe Wegner.
Learning SVG

See how to use the Marvel API to grab data about decades worth of comics using JavaScript from Raymond Camden.
Examples of the Marvel API

Bipin Joshi explains what you need to know about web workers if you are considering using them in your application.
7 Things You Need To Know About Web Workers

A good overview of CSS3 selectors and how to use them by Louis Lazaris.
The Current Generation of CSS3 Selectors

Chris Coyier explains one of the problems flexbox solves, boxes that fill the available height of the parent.
Boxes That Fill Height (Or More) (and Don’t Squish)

Pamela Fox explains five different ways to handle images in order to improve your page performance.
Improving front page performance: removing images, 5 ways

Libraries and Frameworks

Burke Holland explains an interesting solution for integrating AngularJS directives with a complex and comprehensive UI library like Kendo UI.
How Kendo UI Uses Kendo UI To Build Angular Directives For Kendo UI

Christopher Caleb finishes his tutorial series walking through building a parallax scrolling game map similar to Monster Dash.
Building a Parallax Scrolling Game with Pixi.js – Part 4

The "You Might Not Need jQuery" endeavors to show the straight JavaScript equivalients of common jQuery methods.
You Might Not Need jQuery

Nicolas Bevacqua steps through his first project using Gulp as his task runner versus Grunt.
My First Gulp Adventure

Peter De Croos shows how to get started with Koa, the new Node.js app framework from the creators of Express.
koa: zero to todo list

jide.js is a toolkit built around observable values, event emitters, and data binding and Patrick Gotthardt walks through how to use it.
An Introduction to jide.js

Toby Ho shows how to use SuperAgent, a lightweight Ajax library.

Todd Anderson follows up his earlier CucumberJS tutorial with ones focused on additional topics around BDD and automation.
BDD in JavaScript II: CucumberJS, the World and Background
BDD in JavaScript III: CucumberJS and Test Automation


Holly Schinsky details a small bug related to the generated folders from the PhoneGap CLI.
PhoneGap / Cordova Default Project – Android Support for xxhdpi

A quick tip from Raymond Camden on modifying the source folder in the PhoneGap CLI to generate your new project from.
Modifying the PhoneGap Template in 3.3 (and higher)


In the latest episode of the Topic Undefined podcast, Raymond Camden and I debate the hot web development topics from last year.
Topic Undefined – Episode 7

Custom Elements is a gallery of web components where you can share or find we components usable in your application.
Custom Elements – A Web Components Gallery for Modern Web Apps

Raymond Camden steps through how to create a Brackets extension using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
Creating Brackets Extensions

In this video tutorial, Paul Trani demonstrates how to add and control audio in Edge Animate with JavaScript.
Adding & Controlling Audio in Edge Animate

A very cool proximity-based social app called Proxxi built by Christophe Coenraets and Greg Wilson with Node.js, Cordova, Backbone and Topcoat.
Proxxi, A Proximity-Based Social App

Seth Walker steps through how to integrate TypeKit fonts in your responsive layouts inside Edge Reflow.
Using Typekit Fonts with Reflow

Several posts from Adobe’s Web Platform team explaining how text selection within CSS Regions is being improved.
Improving text selection in CSS Regions – take 2

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