Best of JavaScript, HTML & CSS – Week of March 17, 2014



Today’s list is both shorter than normal but, in many ways, more packed with useful, bookmark worthy resources. First, Rich Harris’ take on string templates has been hugely controversial and is a must read. Some of the resources you should consider bookmarking are The Zen Approach style guide, Addy Osmani’s list of ES6 tools, Jake Bresnehan’s list of leaders in the CSS community and Mark Otto’s list of WTF’s in HTML and CSS. Enjoy!


Rich Harris says that generating HTML from string templates, as many popular templating frameworks do, is an inefficient process.
String Templating Considered Harmful

Learn how you can use media queries in JavaScript and how to polyfill for legacy browsers from Krasimir Tsonev.
Using Media Queries in JavaScript

The Zen Approach by Nijiko Yonskai is a JavaScript style guide.

CSS Diner is a fun and very clever “game” to learn CSS selectors.
CSS Diner – Where we feast on CSS Selectors!

Ian Oxley explains the new download, media, and ping attributes to the <a> tag.
New HTML5 Attributes for Hyperlinks: download, media, and ping

Soledad Penadés shares audio tags, a web components experiment using web audio to build an instrument and interface.
Audio Tags: Web Components + Web Audio = ♥

Libraries and Frameworks

George Ornbo shows how to ensure your Node application will work on OSX, Windows and Linux.
Writing cross-platform Node.js

Krasimir Tsonev walks through building an off canvas menu using his AbsurdJS library.
Look ma, JavaScript only Off-Canvas menu


Keith Moore explains an approach to handling authentication using the ionic framework and Angular.js.
Authentication with Ionic and Angular.js in a Cordova/Phonegap mobile web application


Thomas Palef shares tips on how to build and promote your game development skills in this interview with Alex Ivanovs.
An Interview with Thomas Palef on Creating HTML5 Games

Addy Osmani created a page to aggregate links to a variety of tooling for ES6.

A good list of some of the influential designers/developers in the CSS community from Jake Bresnehan.
Shaping CSS

WTF, HTML and CSS? is a curated list of common and frustrating issues in HTML and CSS by Mark Otto.

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