Best of JavaScript, HTML & CSS – Week of March 3, 2014



Some really interesting tutorials this week. On this site, I thought TJ VanToll’s look at whether jQuery is too big for mobile was excellent and Guy Levy’s take on using the Levenshtein distance algorithm to improve the results of the web speech API was very clever and useful. Burke Holland wrote a good look at managing navigation state in single-page applications and Robat Williams has a good look at building large-scale JavaScript applications with KnockoutJS. Enjoy!


Guy Levy explains how the Levenshtein distance algorithm can improve upon imperfect results from the Web Speech API.
Improving Speech Recognition in the Browser

Krasimir Tsonev shows how to build a basic DOM selection and manipulation class in just 100 lines of JavaScript.
A DOM Manipulation Class in 100 Lines of JavaScript

Chris Coyier created an example bar navigation using flexbox to easily align and space items.
Flexbox Bar Navigation Demo

Jack Franklin discusses applying the pub sub pattern within Node.js using the EventEmitter class.
Pub Sub with Event Emitter

A lot of nice stack effect examples using CSS for inspiration by Mary Lou.
Simple Stack Effects

Matthew Phillips discusses where the MVC architecture in JavaScript has fallen short and how web components can change that.
Introducing Web Components to Control Authors

David Walsh shares a simple script used by Facebook to disable the JavaScript console for security reasons.
Disable the User’s JavaScript Console

Krasimir Tsonev details why and how to use the JavaScript bind function.
JavaScript: bind function

Chris Coyier answers a question about how to use FlexBox to evenly fill in the last row of a unknown number of items.
Filling the Space in the Last Row with Flexbox

Libraries and Frameworks

A look at strategies for managing navigation state in single page JavaScript applications by Burke Holland.
Strategies For Managing Navigation State

Scott O’Hara explores the pluses and minuses of using Sass variables to store strings of text to be used in the place of CSS selectors.
Selectors as Sass Variables?

Joni Trythall explains how to build CSS animations using the Franklin library.
CSS Animations with Franklin

Robat Williams discusses the best practices and techniques his team has used to build large, complex web apps with KnockoutJS.
Developing Large Scale KnockoutJS Applications

Peteris Krumins discusses how they use Ploy to deploy NodeJS applications at Browserling.
How we do node.js deployment with ploy at Browserling

Gabriel Cirtea walks through the installation and setup of the the MEAN stack (Mongodb, Express, AngularJS, Node.js).
Introduction to the MEAN Stack


TJ VanToll details how long it takes to load, parse and execute jQuery on mobile devices to determine if it is a drag on performance.
Is jQuery Too Big For Mobile?

Raymond Camden created a PhoneGap sample application of a barcode scanner.
Barcode Scanner sample, and new repo for Cordova examples

Jim Cowart shows how you can convert an existing PhoneGap application to use AppBuilder.
Converting PhoneGap/Cordova Projects to AppBuilder

Martin Bektchiev details some plugman changes made by Telerik and contributed back to speed up the build process.
Telerik Speeds Up Cordova Plugman; 26 Second Faster iOS Builds!

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