Best of JavaScript, HTML & CSS – Week of April 28, 2014



This week features some great tutorials and articles. My personal highlights include TJ VanToll’s look at the state of hybrid mobile development (really, a must read if you do PhoneGap), Ana Tudor’s panorama in CSS and Joakim Bengtson discussing his Slush scaffolding tool. Enjoy!


Rodney Rehm looks at how to identify the DOM context of the current running JavaScript.
Identifying the current <script> element

An awesome, proof-of-concept panorama in pure CSS by Ana Tudor.
Panoramic (pure CSS)

An overview of JavaScript promises – what they are, how they work and their inclusion in ES6 – by Zef Hemel.
Promises: The New Async Standard in Browser JavaScript?

Dr. Axel Rauschmayer explains JavaScript’s this including how it works and some of its potential pitfalls.
JavaScript’s this: how it works, where it can trip you up

Libraries and Frameworks

Joakim Bengtson explains why Slush, which is built upon Gulp, might be a better web application scaffolding tool and shows how to use it.
Slush – A Better Web App Scaffolding Tool

Krasimir Tsonev shows how to use Techy, a simple content management system that uses Markdown and runs on Node.js.
Simple Content Management with Node.js and Markdown

A look at replacing jQuery with vanilla JavaScript for basic functionality like swapping CSS classes by Zachary Brady.
Replacing jQuery with Vanilla JavaScript

Rey Bango shows how to use the new notifications widget in the open source Kendo UI Core.
Adding Application Notifications With Kendo UI Core

Azat Mardanov write a newly revised tutorial for creating a REST API with Express, Node.js and MongoDB, using Express 4.
Express.js 4, Node.js and MongoDB REST API Tutorial

Part 2 of a great React tutorial by Jim Cowart, this edition covering remote data, mixins, JSX precompiling and more.
A Thrown-to-the-Wolves-Hands-On Introduction to React Part 2

Debug is a small logging library for JavaScript that allows filtering outputs and more – Toby Ho shows how it works.


Is hybrid mobile application development in decline? TJ VanToll takes an great impartial look at the state of hybrid.
The State of Hybrid Mobile Development

Aleksander Koko walks through building your first FirefoxOS app using web technologies.
An introduction to Firefox OS app development

Etc. is a new site to “discuss and evolve web component best-practices.”

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