Best of JavaScript, HTML & CSS – Week of May 5, 2014



Lots of goodies this week including more Gulp, a great look at creating client-side diff tooling for CSS and a great look at a bunch of sites you can use to get your coding skills stronger through code exercise.


Can we do DOM traversal without jQuery using vanilla JavaScript? Are newer libraries doing it better? I take a look.
Rethinking DOM Traversal

Pankaj Parashar shows how to create a reading position indicator that uses the HTML5 progress element.
Reading Position Indicator

Raymond Camden explains how to use the new ECMAScript Internationalization API.
Working With Intl

Mary Lou shares some useful and attractive samples of buttons that morph into larger elements like sign up forms and much more.
Morphing Buttons Concept

An interesting look at the advantages and disadvantages of where and how you place the label for a form element by Jessica Enders.
The Definitive Guide to Form Label Positioning

Dr. Axel Rauschmayer explains the new array methods in ECMAScript 6 and how to use them in current browsers.
ECMAScript 6’s new array methods

Libraries and Frameworks

See how you can use Gulp to recreate a Rails-like Asset Pipeline for your CSS and JavaScript assets via Jeff Dickey.
Roll Your Own Asset Pipeline with Gulp

Stoyan Stefanov uses PhantomJS and ImageMagick to create a diff of a page before and after CSS changes are made.
css diff

Marc Harter takes a look at Generators in Node.js, the strengths of using them and common misconceptions.
Generators in Node.js: Common Misconceptions and Three Good Use Cases

A video by James Ward that walks through a Gulp starter project that you can use/modify for developing JavaScript apps.
Building JavaScript Client Apps with gulp

A migration guide for moving from Express 3 to 4 by Azat Mardanov.
Migrating Express.js 3.x to 4.x: Middleware, Route and Other Changes


Holly Schinsky shares a sample app using OnsenUI, which includes custom elements built with AngularJS directives and uses Topcoat for the underlying CSS and themes.
Sample PhoneGap Application with AngularJS/OnsenUI

Jay Raj walks through the basics of getting started with the Ionic framework for building hybrid mobile apps.
Building a Simple App Using Ionic, an Advanced Mobile App Framework

Eric Portis explains how you can use the upcoming <picture> element and srcset, with simple fallbacks for legacy browsers.
Responsive Images Done Right: A Guide To <picture> And srcset


A look at resources that developers can use to improve their coding skills by completing code exercise by Eric Terpstra.
Beef Up Your Skills with Code Exercise

Dr. Axel Rauschmayer explains JavaScript object oriented principles in a series of videos for O’Reilly.
Understanding the four layers of JavaScript OOP

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