Best of JavaScript, HTML & CSS – Week of November 11, 2013



Another busy week as usual. Some highlights this week include the continuation of series on building a parallax game using Pixi.js by Chris Caleb, a 3D Mac Plus scene built with pure CSS by Donovan Hutchinson, and a library for handling asynchronous programming by Vittorio Zaccaria.


Donovan Hutchinson explains how to create an animate a 3D scene using just CSS, no JavaScript.
Creating 3D assets with CSS

Donovan Hutchinson follows up his Inspire article with an article showing how he recreated the Mac Plus in a 3D scene using CSS.
CSS Mac Plus

Several methods to add padding to multi-line text using CSS by Chris Coyier.
Multi-Line Padded Text

Diego Pardo on how to create a cool, animated 3D type effect using pseudo-elements, CSS transforms and transitions.
Animated Opening Type

Wilson Page covers the basics of DOM Events, looks at how they work and some common problems they can solve.
An Introduction To DOM Events

Rob Dodson shares a solid guide to the various pieces of the Web Components spec.
A Guide to Web Components

HTML Imports are part of the Web Components spec and Eric Bidelman shows how they let you load related HTML, CSS & JavaScript files.
HTML Imports: #include for the web

Steven Souders discusses ways in which the HTML Import spec will allow ads to finally be loaded asynchronously, as in non-blocking.
Async Ads with HTML Imports

Libraries and Frameworks

Chris Caleb continues his tutorial series on building a browser-based, parallax scrolling game with Pixi.js.
Building a Parallax Scrolling Game with Pixi.js – Part 2

Learn how to create an online video player with DASH-264 and Dash.js from Jeff Tapper.
Building an Online Video Player with DASH-264

Learn the basics of using the AbsurdJS, a JavaScript-based CSS and HTML preprocessor, from Krasimir Tsonev.
AbsurdJS fundamentals

Mary Lou shows how to use Elastic Stack a library that navigates thumbnails with an elastic dragging interaction.
Elastic Stack: Elastic Dragging Interaction

Pavan Podila discusses the ways in which the React framework’s approach to UI and interactions is different than you may be used to.
Intro to the React Framework


Holly Schinsky covers three hooks that every PhoneGap project using the Cordova CLI should use.
Three hooks your Cordova/PhoneGap project needs

New and Updated Libraries and Frameworks

A new library called Chained by Vittorio Zaccaria allows chaining of any asynchronous method, with or without promises.
Taming Asynchronous JavaScript Programming with ECMAScript6

Hoodie is a front-end framework with built in user accounts and authentication, data storage and sync, background tasks and more.
Getting Started with Hoodie

Koen Vendrik introduced responsive-images.js, a JavaScript library for image replacement using clean HTML markup.
Truly Responsive Images with responsive-images.js

Svg-verlet.js is a verlet-based physics library for SVG files written in Coffeescript.

Apollo is a standalone DOM class manipulation API for adding, removing, toggling and testing the existence of classes on an element.


Sebastian Ekström discusses the process that additions and changes to the CSS spec have to go through before getting approved.
The CSS Standards Process

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