Best of JavaScript, HTML & CSS – Week of September 2, 2013



A busy week of tutorials even despite the short week (the last update posted on Tuesday due to the holiday), mostly focused on using libraries or frameworks – many using Node. In fact, I think future updates may break out a specific Node section for tutorials. I spent late last week at the Blend Conference, which I highly recommend. There was a lot of talk among designers about Reflow and Photoshop, and not coincidentally a new update focused on improving the integration between the two launched today.


Carlos Cessa shows how to use the Dropbox datastore API to share user saved data across Dropbox connected devices.
Dropbox Datastores and Drop-Ins

Mary Lou demonstrates an example layout where neighboring sections are positioned horizontally next to each other and slide into view
Sliding Horizontal Layout.

Libraries and Frameworks

Clliff Meyers shows how to mock server side dependencies to simplify local development of SPA’s through a sample app.
Mocking Server Dependencies in JavaScript and AngularJS

Brian Rinaldi shows how the Band.js library creates 8-bit game music using JavaScript and the Web Audio API by recreating music from Zelda.
Retro Game Music using Web Audio and Band.js

Aurelio De Rosa shows the new and old ways of creating and using custom filters for DOM elements in jQuery.
Creating Custom Filters in jQuery

Jack Franklin explores Browserify as an alternative to using RequireJS and shares his experiences.
Dependency Management with Browserify

Robert Kowalski discusses some recent features added to npm.
New Features in npm

Thomas Davis shows how you can update models and collections in real-time by integrating Backbone and PubNub.
Real-Time Backbone With PubNub

Guillaume Besson walks through how to build a chat service using Node.js and Websockets via
Using Node.js and Websockets to Build a Chat Service

Greg Smith explains how Node.js makes it easier to write tests for network code in his work on the Cloak project.
How Nodejs Makes Network Code More Testable

Ben Nadel explains you can provide explicit return values in JavaScript constructors that override the calling context.
Providing A Return Value In A JavaScript Constructor


Christophe Coenraets shares a demo and code of how he implemented pull-to-refresh in a PhoneGap application using Topcoat.
Pull-to-Refresh in PhoneGap and Topcoat Applications

PhoneGap 3.0 included a lot of significant changes. Holly Schinsky goes over the details of the things you need to know.
PhoneGap 3.0 – Stuff You Should Know

Raymond Camden shows how to use the Panels widget which is one of the newer features in jQuery Mobile.
Working with jQuery Mobile Panels

New and Updated Libraries and Projects

FruitJS is a documentation generator built in Node that confverts documentation in Markdown into a nice site.
FruitJS Docs

Brackets Sprint 30 includes improved find/replace, open with Brackets on Windows and experimental live development for HTML.
Brackets Sprint 30 Build

heimcontrol.js does home automation with Raspberry PI and Arduino using Node.js, MongoDB, HTML5 and Websockets.


The latest episode of Topic Undefined (aka The Episode of Doom), a web and mobile developer podcast I do with Raymond Camden, is up.
Topic Undefined – Episode 4

The latest updates to Photoshop and Reflow including a newly reimagined integrated workflow between the two products.
Photoshop & Reflow

The September issue of Appliness features a ton of great tutorials and an interview with Vitaly Friedman.
September issue Featuring Smashing Magazine Editor Vitaly Friedman

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