Detox My Mac Review

Here is our in-depth Detox My Mac review to help you understand the software.

If you own a Mac, there will probably come a time when you will need to clean up its system. No matter how careful you are with your Mac, your system will eventually start slowing down and will require a detox. To make this possible, you will need the best software to clean up your Mac. 

To help understand which program is best for this, we have done a complete review of Detox My Mac. We have explored the various features of this software and looked into just how effective they are for enhancing your Mac’s performance. 

We found Detox My Mac to be a really efficient and easy way to keep your system running well. This software takes minimal effort to get your Mac running smoothly and safely – which can make you feel like it’s brand new.

In the following review, you will discover exactly how this application works, and how it can be used to optimize your Mac. This includes a look at how you can use the program to help your system to run efficiently, how it can clean up your Mac’s performance, and ultimately maintain your machine in its best possible condition. By doing this, we will see just how effective Detox My Mac can be.

Interested in the right solution for saving your Mac? Then read on to find out more about Detox My Mac, and how it can help you to keep your precious computer in great running condition.

Detox My Mac Overview

Detox my mac Review

Detox My Mac is one of the most comprehensive, and powerful, Mac cleaning solutions available. This application has been developed to be used with absolutely any Mac or user to make sure that their system is running smoothly. 

Detox My Mac cleans up unnecessary files and helps to speed up and optimize the performance of the system. All you need to do is download Detox My Mac, and in a few clicks, you can get rid of all junk files and unnecessary data on your system – making it run a whole lot faster.

In our review of Detox My Mac, we found the software to be incredibly easy to use, while still being completely efficient at doing its job. This product offers a comprehensive Mac cleanup, is safe to use, and is completely free for convenience.

Features of Detox My Mac 

When you run Detox My Mac, you don’t realize just how much the software is doing as it is so quick and easy to use. This is an advanced Mac cleaner though, and there are various processes that occur when you simply hit scan and optimize your system. Here are some of the main features and processes of Detox My Mac.

Removing Leftover Files

One of the most important ways to significantly speed up your system is to remove any leftover files, settings, and folders that result from apps that have uninstalled and moved. These files just sit around on your system, gathering dust and slowing things down. With a quick scan, Detox My Mac will identify these application leftovers, and remove them.

Removing Unnecessary Trash

When you scan Detox My mac on your system, it will remove all of the unwanted files sitting in your trash folder and download folder. This can span multiple apps and systems, and helps to drastically speed things up by removing unnecessary files.

Unused History/Archives

Remove useless history in your web browser and applications with this software. It finds what archives are sitting around unused and detoxes them.

Log and Report Files

Your Mac is probably full of logs and reports files that really just don’t need to be there. These files take up loads of disk space and completely slow down your system. Detox My Mac will go through all of these and remove them from your disk space. This will free up your storage space, and optimize performance quite significantly.

Unused Language Files

There can be multiple language files present on your Mac that you never use. Through a quick scan, these unnecessary languages can be located and detoxed. This can be another big space saver on your disk.

Cache Files

Cache files can be found all over your Mac without you realizing they are there taking up unnecessary space. Detox My Mac scans your system completely for these files and removes them in order to make things run a bit faster. 

Using Detox My Mac

Detox My Mac is so easy to use, it really does all of the work for you. You just install it, scan your system, and allow the app to remove unwanted files. 


By scanning your Mac for each of these unnecessary files and detoxing your system, you can achieve some great results. There are five areas that Detox My Mac focuses on. These are:

  • Speed
  • Disk space
  • Accuracy
  • Response
  • Lifespan

After using Detox My Mac, each of these areas can be increased dramatically. Of course, this differs for each system. For older Macs that are full of junk files, you will see some serious improvements, particularly with regards to speed.

Alternative Cleaning Applications 

While Detox My Mac is a really effective Mac system cleaner, there are some other good alternatives available. These include:

Disc Doctor

Disc Doctor allows you to selectively remove various files under different categories on your Mac. This software is super easy to use and can clear up plenty of unnecessary files from your hard drive.


DaisyDisk is a free Mac cleaner that analyzes disk usage to free up plenty of space on your Mac. It is safe and efficient to use while showing you good analytics of your system’s performance.

MacBooster 7

Another efficient solution for clearing up over 20 types of junk files on your Mac. MacBooster 7 is free, user-friendly, and effective at clearing plenty of disk space.

Final Thoughts

Even if you are safe and smart with using your Mac, there will come a time when your system starts to slow down and performance is compromised. Detox My Mac can make a huge difference here by cleaning up a wide range of different unnecessary files that take up space and slow your system down.

It doesn’t take any technical knowledge to run Detox My Mac, and the software covers a wide area of disk space to make sure that as much can be detoxed from your system as is possible. Our Detox My Mac Review found the software to be super straight forward, efficient, and easy to use. There’s not much more you need from a Mac cleaner.

Interested in enhancing your Mac? Get Detox My Mac for free here.


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