How Much to Replace a Laptop Battery and Is It Worth Doing?

The laptop’s performance depends much on its battery. This is the reason when the battery drains quickly or goes bad, you can use the system just by plugging it in. But, this is not sometimes convenient and possible, especially when you are not carrying a charger with you.

The operational lifespan of the laptop battery relies on several factors. How much to replace a laptop battery and how much it costs also depend on many parameters. Let’s answer these questions and other battery-related concerns here.

Average Laptop Battery Durability

The laptop battery’s average lifespan is considered to be approximately 1000 charge cycles. The laptop brand, battery, and how you use it can create differences in the number of cycles. Durability is also affected by performance.

Some batteries can last for about 10 hours, while others, especially gaming laptops’ batteries, last just for 4-5 hours. If you want to learn about the battery’s lifespan, then check the manufacturer’s site.

Signs It’s Time for Laptop Battery Replacement

It’s crucial to examine your laptop battery’s health and capacity. Well, macOS and Windows both have a feature that alerts you when the battery needs replacement. On Windows, tap on the battery icon.

However, on the Mac laptop, click the Apple menu and check the present status of your laptop’s battery. Besides this, keep your eye on some of the important signs to identify the right time for a replacement.

Slow Charging and Fast Draining

If your Mac battery not charging at all, slow charging, or holding no charge, you need to replace it. A slow charge is one of the primary signs that show your battery is going to die soon. A healthy battery charges fast and preserves its power when removed from the charger.

When your system charges at a prolonged rate or, worse-just, charge when plugged into the outlet, replace it. Also, when your battery drains more quickly than it normally does, its capacity gets reduced. So, purchase a new battery.

Complete Battery Failure

When your laptop battery fails for no clear reason, it is a symptom of a defective battery. If you encounter the same problem, take out your battery and power on your system with the charger plugged in.

If your laptop turns on easily, the charger is okay, and you can use your system. Place the battery properly. When you see no battery icon, only an X, or a red X, it means the battery is dead. It’s time to replace it.

Frozen Computer

Few OS are armed with a feature that adjusts the laptop’s function when on battery. It helps in saving energy and lasts longer in case not connected. But, never allow your laptop to run on peak performance when on the battery as it can result in hardware damage.

Taking more power than its battery capacity is dangerous for the computer’s hardware. It may cause a system freeze. Check your battery when all options are applied to a minimum. It can also juice the battery much faster.

Overheating of Hardware Components

Laptops of all brands are designed with the technologies to cool them while they function and remove excess heat. Defective batteries can become the cause of overheating issues due to manufacturing problems.

When you find that your device is hot to the touch, the battery is working extremely hard. Overheating can cause strange noise as the internal fans operate hard to cool the device. To overcome the heating issue, take your battery for replacement.   

Other Possible Signs

In addition to the above symptoms, you can look for system reports and battery diagnostic errors. Batteries generally become troublesome after 300-400 charge cycles or 1-2 years. Hence, if you’re using an older laptop, its battery is ready for replacement.

Over time, Mac laptops provide a battery service warning whenever service is required. Windows users can create a battery report. Based on the received message, you can check if it’s time for replacement or not.

Is Laptop Battery Replacement Worth Considering?

From the above-mentioned things, it gets clear that replacing a laptop’s battery is worth it. Battery replacement can cost you anywhere between $50 and $200. Ignoring this need can lead to overheating, hardware damage, poor performance, and many more problems.

Hopefully, now you will get the answer to how much to replace a laptop battery. Replace it when it passes its longevity. Even though it may cost you some money for new parts or a service fee, it can give your battery a prolonged run-time.


This is everything you must learn to get well aware of how often to go for replacing the laptop’s battery. If you are fine with using it, then get it connected more often than what you generally consider.

The laptop battery replacement cost varies based on your laptop. Different brands will cost differently, even if there are multiple variations within one similar brand. Try to better use the battery by disabling unwanted apps and turning down the brightness.   


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