Best of JavaScript, HTML & CSS – Week of May 26, 2014



A good mix or topics in this week’s articles and tutorials covering CORS, SVG, Node, new browser API’s, Sass, Polymer and more – enough that there’s bound to be something in here that helps you with your everyday work. Enjoy.


Edaqa Mortoray shares specific strategies and settings to open access to your REST API via CORS.
Unlimited Access with CORS

A look at how to create and animate inline SVG Icons with some of the quirks and workarounds by Joni Trythall.
Animating Inline SVG Icons

Scott O’Hara revisits his CSS-only morphing menu button to make it more usable.
Morphing Menu Button Updated

A list of wished for JavaScript features for consideration in ECMAScript 7 from Nicholas Zakas.
My ECMAScript 7 wishlist

Greg Smith makes the case that auto or hidden should be the default for the overflow property rather than visible.
CSS: Should we change the default for overflow?

Aurelio De Rosa explains the Proximity API which defines events around the distance between a device and an object, as measured by a proximity sensor.
Introducing the Proximity API

A good walkthrough on how to use SVG gradients, and some of the benefits over CSS gradients, by Joni Trythall.
Getting Started with SVG Gradients

Addy Osmani describes what DOM mutation observers are and some of the useful applications of them in creating features like undo and redo.
Detect, Undo And Redo DOM Changes With Mutation Observers

Libraries and Frameworks

Learn how to use JavaScript to create custom, drag-and-drop widgets for Wakanda Studio from Saad Mousliki.
Creating Custom Widgets with JavaScript in Wakanda

A guide to running Node.js in production with an example setup that includes a load balancer and two app servers by Jeff Dickey.
Node.js in Production

Azat Mardan has a list of things he thinks you should avoid in Node.js.
Seven Things You Should Stop Doing with Node.js

Paul Tero takes a detailed look at the jQuery object and event-driven programming.
The Mystery Of The jQuery Object: A Basic Introduction

A list of some of the more useful Grunt plugins from Aurelio De Rosa.
5 Grunt Tasks You Won’t Want to Miss!

Hugo Giraudel compares the Compass and Bourbon frameworks for Sass.
Sass Frameworks: Compass or Bourbon?


Why the new web view in iOS8 can have a big impact on the performance of hybrid mobile applications by TJ VanToll.
Why iOS 8′s WKWebView is a Big Deal for Hybrid Development

A look at options for refreshing and live reloading to hybrid mobile apps built with PhoneGap by TJ VanToll.
Bringing F5 (or Command+R) to Hybrid Mobile Apps


Polymer Designer is an experimental tool for drag and drop web components creation and Rob Dodson shows how it works.
Introducing the Polymer Designer tool

Louis Lazaris created a great list of front-end development feeds, updating a list created by Paul Irish originally created.
Frontend RSS Feeds Revisited

May’s top HTML, CSS, JavaScript and mobile content on the Flippin’ Awesome.
May’s Top HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Mobile Content on the Flippin’ Awesome

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