Best of JavaScript, HTML & CSS – Week of July 15, 2013



A very busy week this week. First off, there are a number of interesting library releases including PhoneGap 3, eddy.js, ESLint and more. Also, there are a number of outstanding tutorials. Be sure to take a look at Hugo Giraudel discussing frustrating CSS issues, Sean Fioritto discussing flexbox, Joel Hooks on AngularJS internals and Raymond Camden on Express.


A great article by Hugo Giraudel on troubleshooting some very common and frustrating CSS issues.
Troubleshooting CSS

Ariya Hidayat writes JavaScript that runs within PhantomJS to detect the libraries with versions running on a page.
Detecting JavaScript Libraries and Versions

Ben Nadel shares some code to create a user-friendly alpha-numeric sort for things like file names using JavaScript.
User-Friendly Sort Of Alpha-Numeric Data In JavaScript

Mary Lou shares a number of cool header effects using CSS transforms and triggered by scrolling.
On Scroll Header Effects

Derick Bailey walks through how to set up and build your first arduino controlled by JavaScript.
JavaScript Powered Arduino with Johnny-Five

Ariya Hidayat explains a trick to generate number or letter sequences without using loops.
Sequences using JavaScript Array

Sean Fioritto details beginner and advanced topics on handling layout using flexbox.
Mastering CSS Layout with Flexbox

Michael Chaize covers the best export options in Illustrator that produce quality SVG files with the smallest file size possible.
Export SVG for the web with Illustrator CC

Libraries and Frameworks

Brian Rinaldi show how the Voyeur.js library offers an alternative syntax for DOM traversal and Manipulation.
DOM Traversal and Manipulation with Voyeur

Joel Hooks takes a look inside AngularJS to examine the internal directives that override standard HTML tags.
AngularJS Directives That Override Standard HTML Tags

Hakim El Hattab shares a few nice CSS only animations built with Sass.
Hakim / Assorted CSS Animations

Hugo Giraudel did some code sniffing and GitHub issue spying to figure out what’s coming in the next release of Sass.
Looking Into the Future of Sass

Raymond Camden details how to install and get started building your first web application built on Node using the Express framework.
Introduction to Express

Aurelio De Rosa shows how to create a simple page using the responsive CSS modules within the Pure library.
Pure: What, Why, & How?

Stephen Sawchuk walks through how to build your first app using a Yeoman workflow.
Building Apps With the Yeoman Workflow

Clint Berry continues his series on building desktop applications with web technologies using the Brackets shell, this time focusing on working with JavaScript.
JavaScript and the Brackets Shell Environment


Holly Schinsky walks through how to implement push notifications in your PhoneGap application using PushPlugin.
Tutorial: Implement Push Notifications in your PhoneGap Application

Holly Schinsky teaches you how to write a custom plugin for Android and use it in your PhoneGap application.
Tutorial: How To Write a PhoneGap plugin for Android

Raymond Camden shares some important information about the latest Cordova/PhoneGap release.
PhoneGap 3.0 Released – Things You Should Know

New and Updated Libraries and Frameworks

PhoneGap 3.0 includes a new plugin architecture, better tools, more platforms and new API’s.
Adobe PhoneGap 3.0 Released

Stylify Me by Annabelle Yoon and Michael Mrowetz generates a style guide of a site, including colors, fonts, sizing and spacing.
Stylify Me

eddy.js is a tiny JavaScript library transforms any object, if needed, into an EventTarget/EventEmitter.
eddy.js – A Bold Approach

Backbone.Giraffe has a different approach than Marionette and Chaplin to route handling, object lifecycles, event aggregation and view management.

Feedback_me is a jQuery plugin to easily add an animated feedback dialog that slides from the side of the screen.

Nicholas Zakas introduces ESLint, a JavaScript linting tool built on top of Esprima where all rules are pluggable.
Introducing ESLint

Mary Rose Cook wrote Little Lisp, an interpreter in JavaScript supporting function invocation, lambdas, lets, ifs and more.
Little Lisp interpreter

James Padolsey created Operative as a JavaScript utility for creating Web Worker scripts.
Abstracting The Web Worker: Operative

LiteGap is a PhoneGap plugin for Couchbase Lite which is an embedded JSON database for occasionally connected devices that syncs data in the background.


In Episode 2 of the Topic Undefined podcast, Raymond Camden and I discuss articles on mobile dev, choosing a framework and more.
Topic Undefined – Episode 2

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