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Getting Started with Modern Web Development

by Mike Hostetler

Web API interface reference – all interfaces, arranged alphabetically. WebAPI page lists device access APIs and other APIs useful for applications. JavaScript JavaScript is the language of the web

Retro Game Music using Web Audio and Band.js

by Brian Rinaldi

…have a distinctive sound. A new library, Band.js by Cody Lundquist allows you to recreate that sound using JavaScript and the Web Audio API. In this article, I’ll show you…

Testing Web Apps from the Ground Up

by Brian Rinaldi

…will describe all the code I wrote. The web app. The microscopic testing framework. The tests for the client side code. The mocks that fake layers of the web app…

Best of JavaScript, HTML & CSS – Week of January 6, 2014

by Brian Rinaldi

Web Apps Dr. Axel Rauschmayer says 2014 is the year of asm.js, ParallelJS, ES6, web components and CSS grid layout. Find out why. Web platform: five technologies to look forward…

A DOM Manipulation Class in 100 Lines of JavaScript

by Krasimir Tsonev

what our API should look like, our class starts with the following code: var dom = function(el) { var api = { el: null } api.val = function(value) { //…

Create Your First Mobile App with PhoneGap Build – Connecting to an API

by Brian Rinaldi

…applications from the GitHub API. The sample code comes from my CORS tutorial that is available here. Loading External API Data I chose the GitHub API specifically for this example…

Using Node.js in Production

by Brian Rinaldi

…the owner to web: # chown web /var/www Set the group to web: # chgrp web /var/www cd into it: # cd /var/www/ As the web user: $ su web

Best of JavaScript, HTML & CSS – 2013

by Brian Rinaldi

…Using voice to drive the web: Web Speech API Christian Heilmann shares five tips for making your HTML5 apps perform better across all platforms. Five things you can do to…

7 Killer Web Design Principles

7 Killer Web Design Principles for High Fidelity User Experience

by Keval Padia

Designing websites with great user experience are increasingly becoming a challenging task as UX standard is steadily getting higher. Creating a highly functional and reliable design is no longer enough,…

5 Key Aspects to Consider in Redesigning Websites

by Keval Padia

objectives like selling products or services, lead generation, enhancing website traffic, creating brand awareness, etc. Analyzing the user behavior and web traffic is the main task of web analytic. Such…