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Using Horizontal Design for Websites

by Brian Rinaldi

scroll bar at all. Instead they tend to use their mouse, their space bar, or their arrow keys which do not always work well with horizontal scrolling websites. Some sites…

Functional Reactive Programming in JavaScript

by Brian Rinaldi

key up events such that the stream only emits events when the key up happens to be the enter key. Next we merge the two streams and apply a map…

4 reasons you should create a WordPress theme

by Aurelio De Rosa

…each month. Additionally, WordPress is used by 17.5% of all websites, which, if considered as a content management system, would give it a market share of 54.8% (data updated to…

Building an Online Video Player with DASH-264

by Brian Rinaldi

…the Manifest, listening to the HTML Video element for events and creation of SourceBuffers and BufferController classes. streaming.BufferController Responsible for all interactions with the MediaSource‘s SourceBuffer, the BufferController feeds segments…

Using Grunt? Consider Fez

by Brian Rinaldi

…one after another. Tasks may include file concatenation, application deployment, source linting, etc. Grunt isn’t unique as a task runner – you may have heard of Java’s Ant, or Ruby’s…

Building Your First Grunt Plugin

by Brian Rinaldi

…and additional instructions may be found here. Registering a Task The generated files include a number of additional resource like a: readme, .jshintrc, license, .gitignore, package.json. What we are actually…


15 Popular PHP Frameworks For 2015

by Kapil Jindal

…has been powering the world wide web since past decade, and has some major sites like Wikipedia and Facebook made through it. While you can code whole websites in raw…

8 UX Design Misconceptions

8 UX Design Misconceptions You Need To Beware Of

by Keval Padia

…are as important as the latest one. But many websites just want to let them untouched when redesigning is going on. Just because these pages are drawing traffic they like… Terms and Conditions

mm by Trevan Hetzel

…and the purchase and sale of Materials (to the extent applicable). 5. User Content 5.1 From time to time we may include functionality for users to upload User Content to…

Obey and Report – A JavaScript Event Emitter Pattern

by Nicolas Bevacqua

…value); } // internal state getter function get (instance, key) { return state[instance._id][key]; } Say we were using keymaster to handle keyboard input, our module could then consume input like…