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Jen Looper

by Jen Looper

Jen Looper is a prolific apps developer, founder of Ladeez First Media and the Boston Ambassador for both Corona SDK and Hackfit. Jen also founded the Wellesley Code Academy, co-founded…

Teaching Programming – A Call to Action

by Brian Rinaldi

…work. Developing Rails apps to send content to a Little Printer would be a fun way to introduce both Rails and working with APIs. Craft curricula that will allow you…

Ractive.js Expressions and the New Wave of Reactive Programming

by rich_harris

…to be confused with Reactive.js!) news applications at It is designed to dramatically reduce the effort involved in creating web apps by embracing these principles. Let’s look at a…

Teaching clients to adopt new technologies — even the ones they don’t understand

mm by Table XI

…them to concepts like cross-platform apps and mobile usability testing helps them narrow down to the products that are going to be most effective for them. Being on mobile isn’t…

12 Killer Ways to Improve Website UX with Animation

12 Killer Ways to Improve Website UX with Animation

by Keval Padia

…among the crowd of apps. The web design always looks less flat and more feature rich with animation and consequently it can convey professionalism of your business. An animation carrying…

Nintendo releasing Nintendo Web Framework

by Brian Rinaldi

Source: Polygon Nintendo releasing Nintendo Web Framework, a new tool for building apps for the Wii U using HTML 5 and JavaScript. Go to the full article….

Guy Levy

by Brian Rinaldi

…and server side technologies developing awesome web apps. He loves to research and explore, trying to question and find a new perspective in everything. Follow Guy on Google+ Follow Guy…

Alex Genadinik

by Brian Rinaldi

Alex Genadinik is the founder of Glowing Start business apps and an advisor in mobile and marketing strategies to startups like g33ktalk. Alex holds a B.S in Computer Science from…

A Fundamental Disconnect

by Aaron Gustafson

…can shrink or enlarge the fonts used to display our Web pages and apps. And the Internet providers that sit between us and our users, dictating the network speed, latency,…

How to build an effective remote team that actually collaborates

by Mike Hostetler

…everyone’s projecting their voices and looking into the camera. Have everyone work in fully collaborative tools To keep conversation moving, make sure any software or apps you’re using are fully…