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Write for Us

by Brian Rinaldi

…We generally focus on the following topics: Front-end development (e.g. JavaScript, HTML, CSS) Back-end development (e.g. Ruby on Rails, Node.js, JavaScript, PHP) DevOps (e.g. AWS, Heroku, infrastructure) Design (e.g. Testing,…

Writing A MongoDB Shell In NodeJS

by Mike Hostetler

By piecing together various modules, he demonstrates how easy it is to create a really nice REPL based scripting environment. Slides: You can follow Valeri on Twitter at @code_barbarian…

Expose Yourself with ngrok

by Raymond Camden

…server, localhost is itself. Enter ngrok, a simple service that lets you expose a local web service (of any sort,: Node.js, ColdFusion, PHP, etc) to the internet. Not only does…