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Modern Web Best Practice: Pub/Sub

by Tyson Cadenhead

…separated by a period. For example: myChannel.subscribe(“my.*”, function (data, envelope) {}); myChannel.publish(“my.topic”); // Triggers the subscription myChannel.publish(“my.other”); // Triggers the subscription myChannel.publish(“your.topic”); // Does not trigger the subscription The wildcard…

Alessandro Artoni

by Brian Rinaldi

in the browser but soon enough he discovered the pleasure and magic of node.js. If you want to make Alessandro happy, make sure to gift him with a bottle of…

Web Standards Library Update – Week of January 20, 2014

by Brian Rinaldi

suitable for testing. Web Reflection: testardo – A Browser Agnostic JS Web Driver Drop is an open-source JavaScript and CSS library for making various types of dropdowns powered by Tether.js….

JavaScript Fundamentals

by Brian Rinaldi

…they are often referred to as such. Conventions Most of these conventions (with semi-colons being an exception) are stylistic, highly preferential and don’t impact the execution. Semi-Colons Semi-colons are optional…

Write for Us

by Brian Rinaldi

…We generally focus on the following topics: Front-end development (e.g. JavaScript, HTML, CSS) Back-end development (e.g. Ruby on Rails, Node.js, JavaScript, PHP) DevOps (e.g. AWS, Heroku, infrastructure) Design (e.g. Testing,…

Writing A MongoDB Shell In NodeJS

by Mike Hostetler

By piecing together various modules, he demonstrates how easy it is to create a really nice REPL based scripting environment. Slides: You can follow Valeri on Twitter at @code_barbarian…

Static Analysis For CSS

by Brian Rinaldi

…it can be found on npm. So, assuming you already have Node.js installed, you just need to do npm install css to install it. It contains both a parser and…

Expose Yourself with ngrok

by Raymond Camden

server, localhost is itself. Enter ngrok, a simple service that lets you expose a local web service (of any sort,: Node.js, ColdFusion, PHP, etc) to the internet. Not only does…