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Coding for Responsive State Changes with SimpleStateManager

by Brian Rinaldi

…clears the array of states. Get the current state One of the useful things about SSM is that it can be used in many different ways: it can handle method…

Modern Web Best Practice: Pub/Sub

by Tyson Cadenhead

…the most useful things about Postal is the ability to create wildcard subscriptions. A wildcard subscription uses the * symbol to listen for any single word in the topic as…

Tips On Creating Minimalistic UI Designs For Mobile Apps

by Amy Hayes

…color wheel. Similar colors are usually used to prioritize the tasks and to highlight the critical ones. The items of most importance will be of the boldest color and things

Zachary Brady

by Brian Rinaldi

Zachary Brady is Partner and the Director of Technology, among other things, at Suits & Sandals; a full service digital agency. As Director of Technology he spends most of his…

Using CSS Regions in Responsive Designs

by Brian Rinaldi

…550px; } Throughout all the layouts, I wanted the content to display nicely without breaking in the middle of paragraphs or without separating the heading title from the quote beneath…

Static Analysis For CSS

by Brian Rinaldi

…none; } Yay! Easy, right? Other Possibilities What are other interesting things you can do? You are limited only by your imagination. For example, if you want to automatically rename…

Toby Ho

by Brian Rinaldi

Toby Ho is focused on Javascript, UI design, programming and just making things in general. Follow Toby on Twitter Visit Toby’s site…