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Alex Grande

by Brian Rinaldi

Alex Grande provides business-minded web development with an eye for user experience design. He studied cognitive science and psychology in university. His professional career includes building web experiences for Fortune…

Future of Web Design

Future of Web Design – Watch out for these 7 Trends

by Keval Padia

a popular trend, we can see some early signs of where they are leading to. Practically, there is a lot to expect as far as evolving web design trends are…

Mária Jurčovičová

by Brian Rinaldi

…tools, frameworks and anything that could make coding faster, better or more secure. She started the less4j open source project and writes a blog about software development. Visit Maria’s blog…

Elizabeth Phillips

by Brian Rinaldi

Elizabeth Phillips is a former web developer who is currently freelance writing on anything and everything related to web development and design. She can be found typing away on her…

Matt Baker

by Matt Baker

Matt Baker is an instructor at Dev Bootcamp Chicago, a 9-week intensive program that teaches you full-stack development. His interests include teaching, well-tested code, functional programming, and data visualization. The…

Ben Farrell

by Ben Farrell

Ben Farrell is a Design Technologist at GE (General Electric) in the California Bay Area. Ben likes to explore the outer reaches of mobile/web design and development and try to…