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Mobile App Development – Tips for Getting Noticed

by Jen Looper

…Crush icon gets close, but the corners look squashed; Circa’s simple icon is really the safest alternative. Comparing the app icons for DecoDentaku, Candy Crush and Circa Your icon also…

An Interview with Thomas Palef on Creating HTML5 Games

by Brian Rinaldi

…think about what I’m writing to make it as simple and as clear as possible. So if you want to look at my code, you should read my HTML5 tutorials….

Writing Better CSS

by Matt Carella

…practices for efficient CSS selectors. In this article I wanted to share some simple examples and guidelines that I use for writing efficient and performant CSS. This is inspired by,…

When to Use (or Not Use) Twitter Bootstrap

by Brian Rinaldi

simple flowchart to help you decide which front-end framework to use for your next web project. There are some extra notes below. When Bootstrap Might Be Inappropriate Let’s discuss some…

Create Your First Mobile App with PhoneGap Build – Using the Storage API

by Brian Rinaldi

…a message of “success.” You will need to add this code to index.js with “pageinit” event binding below overwriting the existing method. var db; $(‘#reposHome’).bind(‘pageinit’, function(event) { loadRepos(); db =…